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    nice pic of ian on the poster there.
  4. avatar thehellfireclub
    Hail Gigantis, the Fire Monster!
  5. avatar Strong Reaction
    Ebirah, Legend Of The Deep has been sighted near Helen's Bay. He has expressed a keen interest in attending this concert and ,I quote, 'getting his bad groove on,mofo'.
  6. avatar Strong Reaction
    Get up there.
  7. avatar Strong Reaction
    Dolbro Dan now added to the bill!
  8. avatar thehellfireclub
    Ghidorah, the three headed beast was wondering if the admission is 3 quid per head or 3 quid per body, either way he says, what a f*cking bargin. He is looking forward to closing his eyes and remembering good times destroying Tokyo during this. He is a personal friend, in case you think this sounds like bull, or a clumsy bump.
  9. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    the children of the hydras teeth are organising a bus up.

    good group.
  10. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
  11. avatar Strong Reaction
    Yup, Rodan has been seen circling the lagan delta and screeching at passing herons in celebration of this.

    Here's some rough times.

    Doors 8.30pm
    8.30pm - 9.20pm Godzilla's disco
    9.20pm - 9.45pm Dolbro Dan
    9.45pm - 10.15pm Snitch
    10.30 - 11.00pm Comply Or Die
    11.15 - 11.45pm Hellfire Club

    Bar should be open 'til around 12.30. Ghidorah gets in free.

    Hope to see you there. If anyone from Snitch or Hellfire Club is reading, can you be there for 7.30pm please? Thanks.
  12. avatar Strong Reaction
    This is tonight.
  13. avatar daveshorty
    cheers everyone who came!
    i had a blast!
  14. avatar exportsimsie
    Good nite. Dolbro Dan was excellent as always. Every time I see him, he seems to have something new and it's always to the same fantastic standard.

    Snitch were very impressive. It's that kinda carefree pop punk that I love. Considering it was their first gig, I was pretty blown away.

    I then left to get a train home. Because I am rock.
  15. avatar thehellfireclub
    Musta rocked pretty hard cause I can hear f*ck all bar ocsillating feedback in my inner ear.
  16. avatar daveshorty
    haha i too am the most deaf i've ever been
  17. avatar Strong Reaction
    Thanks to all!