1. avatar PawPaw
    My first post!
    I'm 21, I play the acoustic guitar and I sing. I want to create or to join a rock band. I listen to indie rock: Interpol, Editors, Kings of Leon, Stereophonics, Radiohead, Cranberries... I also like Panic! At the disco, Fall out boy, My chemical romance, Green day...and the old rock (ACDC, Kiss, U2, Aha, Talk Talk...).
    I play the guitar since the age of 12, so I think I can play quite well...
    So, if you play guitar, bass guitar, drums, if you're between 19 and 25, and if you want to have fun and share your love for music, you can contact me by mail:


    Thank you =)
  2. avatar PawPaw
    ouaa they put a "not affiliate..." don't mind
  3. avatar The enfant terrible
    Panic at the Disco are fruits
  4. avatar PawPaw
    I think they're good.
  5. avatar Scarboy
    Where abouts are you based?
  6. avatar The enfant terrible
    Fruits is not the anonym of good
  7. avatar PawPaw
    [quote:91e6ddef42="Scarboy"]Where abouts are you based?[/quote:91e6ddef42]

    Belfast city

    If I understand well your question....(i'm french)
  8. avatar T Entertainment
    Paw Paw, check out this forum, it's for recruitment of musicians: http://fastfude.org/forum.php?id=14
    Good luck.