1. avatar oxjambelfast
    [size=18:7ceeed2ab9]LIVE IN MCHUGHS BASEMENT[/size:7ceeed2ab9]

    Thursday, 23rd of October

    LaFaro + A Plastic Rose + Poets Pocket Symphony plus DJ set from 'thesneakybandit'.


    Last of the Oxjam gigs in McHughs and we have left the best until last! This is going to be packed so to guarantee your ticket now you can buy online NOW!:


    All money raised goes to Oxfam. Support a great cause!
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  2. avatar The enfant terrible
    I'm going to go to this and sit drooling into a bucket while Poets Pocket Symphony are playing, then throw it at them. Yummie!
  3. avatar TuppenyNudger
    LaFaro will be selling their new EP on the night, providing they have any left from R.A.T.J!

    I've had a listen and it's worth every penny!

    Can't wait!
  4. avatar Sian
    And so the last of our Oxjam events is upon us!!
    I'm buying earplugs, the last time LaFaro played in McHughs basement I couldn't hear myself think for a week.

    It's going to be fun. And very, very messy! :)
  5. avatar Crackity_jones
    New LaFaro EP? Like, all new songs and all? Putting it out yourselves?

    Sorry, too many questions there.
  6. avatar flackmeister
    Last night was bloody spectacular...
    Roll on Thursday, I'll bring the ear plugs will I?
  7. avatar Sian
    Aye Chris, they have a whole new EP. and it is lethal. It's not been outa my cd player since Friday night. Five new tracks. And the EP covers are IMMENSE. every one is different and so essentially, a lil piece of LaFaro history. Mine is the best though. I shall take a picture of it to prove.

    I can honestly say that Jeff Hinton is one of the greatest LaFaro songs I have heard recorded, move over Tuppeny Nudger.
  8. avatar Crackity_jones
    Sweet, I'll have to get a hold of it. Not sure I'll make it down on Thursday (Cashier No.9 EP launch/busy like woah) so some other time. But yeah, sounds quality! It's been too long since the last one, which was a total classic.
  9. avatar TuppenyNudger
    Rumour has it that they will have some limited edition Oxjam covers for the EP on Thursday! Really looking forward to this, lets end the party with a bang!

    Stage times for the night to follow...
  10. avatar johndarcy
    can somebody nab me a lafaro CD before they are extinct please?
  11. avatar Sian

    This is my little gem. I actually think it's my favourite EP cover, ever.
    Some Oxjam limited edition goodness will go down a wee treat though!
  12. avatar Crackity_jones
    Haha, very Sufjan! Not someone normally associated with LaFaro but it works.
  13. avatar flackmeister

    This is my little gem. I actually think it's my favourite EP cover, ever.
    Some Oxjam limited edition goodness will go down a wee treat though![/quote:1af18600d4]

    Wait a minute, the one I saw last week was all sharpied stick figures and I thought it was a piss take of sorts while they were awaiting actual art work to be produced...

    They are the art work, the LaFaro boys and a box of colouring pens?

  14. avatar TuppenyNudger
    That was mine Chris, very 1st pressing as well ;)

    John, you will have to come to the gig to get an EP :P
  15. avatar Sian
    Yup! Its genius!

    I think my other faves were "LaFaro gave Chuck Norris Aids" or perhaps "LaFaro gave Cancer Aids" or..."LaFaro f**ked yer ma....and she loved it".

    Beautiful and not [i:35bc7c585d]quite[/i:35bc7c585d] as Sufjan as my cover!! ;)
  16. avatar oxjambelfast
    Mojo Fury have had to pull out of the gig due to unforseen circumstances. So..do we go with three bands or do we bring in a replacement???

    Anyone interested? Send us a message on our MySpace...

  17. avatar Cake
    That's a lovely LaFaro ep cover. Mine has a cock with my name underneath it.
  18. avatar Amz
    I'd say stick with 3 and a dj.
  19. avatar thesneakybandit
    Now with added DJ thesneakybandit!

    Cheers for that Amy :x :wink:
  20. avatar Sian
    [quote:6fd9dcf2fa="Cake"]That's a lovely LaFaro ep cover. Mine has a cock with my name underneath it.[/quote:6fd9dcf2fa]

    Ah those LaFaro boys, such lovely, well mannered treats.
  21. avatar oxjambelfast
    We decided to go with three bands and a DJ set from 'thesneakybandit'. So...more LaFaro for your money!

    Get your tickets now... http://www.wegottickets.com/event/37204

    Thanks to the bands who sent us a message we will sort you out with a gig in 2009!
  22. avatar TuppenyNudger
  23. avatar oxjambelfast

    The last of six Oxjam Belfast gigs for 2008, what a way to end!
  24. avatar TuppenyNudger
    Free badges to everyone who comes down tonight!


    Free hugs from LaFaro!

    What more can you ask for!?

    See you down the front!
  25. avatar Recycled Alien
    Well, that was proof that NOTHING can stop LaFaro. I hope somebody with a camera caught some shots of MC Black and his Eminem poses.
  26. avatar TuppenyNudger
    Review of the gig from ATL...

    Charity is good for you. As Blur's 'Parklife' says, "it gives me an enormous sense of well-being, and I'm happy for the rest of the day". Granted they were talking about feeding pigeons, whereas our bands here this evening would probably look after them (Poets Pocket Symphony), train them to dive bomb unsuspecting passers-by (A Plastic Rose), or enlist them to destroy the entire capitalist world (LaFaro - eating any that misbehaved along the way). But, anyway, char-id-ee is nominally the reason why we're here tonight, although that's a mere fringe benefit - really it's pigeon-fancying.

    Beginning with the most self-effacing of our groups, Poets Pocket Symphony most definitely do not let anyone down and will pretty soon need a big old tour bus to transport them round the venues they will be playing. It's grungy pop-rock, with a hint of Riot Grrl in there, like Lush covering the Pixies with sense of twisted fun. 'Sinking Ship' is excellent and the whole thing is loud shouty and good for you, dragging us about with catchy little hooks. 'People Let You Down' could easily be all over the place, appealing to anyone and everyone, with enough of an edge and integrity to it to prevent any sickly aftertaste. PPS - will soon be bigger than UPS, GPS or MPs salaries.

    The filling in the sandwich of delicious bandiness tonight are A Plastic Rose, the comedians of the night, and as friendly and good-natured a bunch of chaps you're likely to meet. Don't let that fool you though; they're more than capable of crafting songs of beauty and emotion while playing the clown in-between. Clothed by Oxfam, our evening's sponsors, the music is epic and layered (like their clothes), without being overblown or indulgent. 'Avalanche' and 'Coloured Blue' are excellent emotional rock, and despite being plastic there's nothing fake here. They are having no luck though, having to overcome technical difficulties and broken guitar strings, although the melodious discord that comes from changing guitars halfway through renders the song itself even more interesting, a happy bonus if you would. 'Sons of Shadow' has the wistfulness of Counting Crows with a tiny gentleness big enough to fill much larger venues before lifting in a Sigur Ros-esque climax. Thanking everyone, the one worrying aspect is the burgeoning love affair between our front-man and Jonny LaFaro - don't they realise that he and Cahir FWW are already the golden couple of NI music?

    Anyway, onto the other part of this affair, and Jonny's combo take the stage, all clad in Oxjam T-shirts, Jonny in black the rest of the guys in green. Either they've been given them for the publicity shots, or somewhere there is an Oxfam team bound and gagged, naked. They taunt us by claiming to have got new tuners and that they're just going to play with them for half an hour, distracted by the pretty lights, before blasting into... a remarkably restrained opening - maybe they've gone all melodic on us? Continuing they hit us with 'Tuppenny Nudger' which again is more exact and distilled down than the usual LaFaro madness - have these new toys distracted them?

    Newbie 'Leningrad' features on-going running repairs to the drum-kit, but is still brutal enough to restart the Cold War, before LaFaro reveal themselves to be the home for failed stand-up comedians while Jonny attempts to fix his guitar, before abandoning it and being joined by Tony And So I Watch You From Afar on tambourine and general rock-show DIY, but it still doesn't dull the headbangers of tunes as normal service has been resumed. 'Great Conversations...' is excellent, with a little touch of Interpol in there, before a frantic paranoid ascending finish with the refrain "I didn't know". And then a bonus of 'Mr Heskey', renamed 'Mr Fritzl' for the evening to be nice and cheery to end the chaos.

    William Johnston
  27. avatar flackmeister
    I am so feckin annoyed i missed this...

    Did anyone get me a CD or wha?
  28. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    Plastic Rose kept me in giggles during their UTV soundcheck too, fucking hilarious lads
  29. avatar The enfant terrible
    Me and my shiney blue drool bucket got turned at the door.
  30. avatar Sian
    Flack, Im sorry...I was enjoying myself too much to remember about your cd!! :( I was also enjoying myself so much that I have done actual damage to my neck and shoulder!!!

    What a night...bloody lethal! Cheers for everyone who came down :) Roll on Oxjam 09!!!
  31. avatar gerry norman
    LaFaro were so fuckin funny this gig was just 3 bands fuckin about in an underground practise room giggling at everything. My fav type of gig. I thought we went down bad cuz all the technical problems but everyone was up for a laugh and turned out they enjoyed it. I wana play oxjam gigs with these bands more often.

    Mickey Colenso is my Top 1 Guitar player of all time.
  32. avatar thesneakybandit
    great banter all round... i've got my hearing back and everything!! didn't those lafaro boys look good in their girly skinnyfit oxjam tshirts?

  33. avatar Sian
    i loved the image conjured up by that review of me, andy, ciara, flack and/o scott tied up and tshirtless while lafaro rock out in their skinny fits!!