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    Hey everyone, I'm helping a friend out on a short film and we need music! Basically we need about 10 tracks to be featured in a scene where a character is skipping through her mp3 player. it will be about 5 seconds of each, maybe less, but we will finish on one song that continues throughout the rest of the film.

    the film is going to go up online and into festivals hopefully.

    we're looking for a mix of genres, so anyone who is interested, feel free to pm me!


    EDIT: ok we're now collecting samples for the music (its taken a bit longer than expected for the films to get sorted out) so could you guys email me 1 or 2 of your songs?



    EDIT 2: by email me songs, i mean actual audio files! we're now collecting the music, not just checking it out! again, kinda busy atm so i wont be on this regularly so email me the files, and any questions PM me!

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    Hi there my name is Chris McCann i compose music for film and this is the sorta thing i love doing, i generaly put electronic music to film, really ambient based.

    I study music and could get a group of musicians together to record some tracts if thats more what ya wont?

    send me an email or pm me

  3. avatar The 27 Club
    Sorry forgot to give ya my email, its alcaholica6@msn.com

  4. avatar himynameissween
    sorry dude, we're just looking for just song/tracks, if you have any? it doesnt really need an ambient theme!
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    Hey there, im a singer/songwriter, couldnt really place the music in a genre as yet but you can listen at www.myspace.com/fireowlrecords

    Lisa ;)
  7. avatar izzys_return
    www.myspace.com/tommyshots check us out and get in touch if ya like

  8. avatar himynameissween
    thanks guys!

    though i request, because i dont come on here that much at the minute, could anyone else wishing to be considered pm me? its just incase i miss anyone's details!!

    and to those who have sent their details already, it is greatly appreciated! when we choose we'll contact you through here or myspace! (or email if you supplied it!)
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    Hell yeah! You canuse some of our stuff for tracks in the rock genre, if you want to? Let me know!



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    [quote:bb00f55e23]Hi there my name is Chris McCann i compose music for film and this is the sorta thing i love doing, i generaly put electronic music to film, really ambient based.[/quote:bb00f55e23]

    Are you the guy that did the Battle of the Bone's soundtrack?
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    you'll love it. Playing Chess With Satan and The Jam would be perfect for a film.
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    pm me!! its only by chance i checked this thread! like i said above i rarely have time to be on here these days and if you want your details put forward, pm me! that means i get an email which means i know for SURE i have a message, as opposed to sticking it here!! from now on if anyone posts their details on here they wont be forwarded.

    sorry but its better for you guys! it means you definitely get your details seen!
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    just an update for you all, the girl making the film just emailed me to let you guys all know that we are basically gathering as much as we can now but closer to the time we will contact you about your songs and what we would like to use. thank you for your interest and if they aren't used this time there are more films to come!

    by all means keep the PMs coming!
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    cooooouuul! feel free to use

  17. avatar The Ronster
    I hope you're all sending him PMs!
  18. avatar himynameissween
    Ok bit of an update; we are now getting the films sorted (there are 3) and we're now onto the collecting samples from you guys stage. basically if you guys could email me one or 2 songs each, that would be greaaaaaaaaaat!

  19. avatar The Love Monkeys
    we'd love to help out. If our music suits give us a shout

  20. avatar himynameissween
    bump due to crappy responses. com on people i had loads of replies to this before, we need ur actual song files!! himynameismark@live.co.uk