1. avatar DeliriumTremens
    The Varionis recently signed with Put It On Records and I for one am delighted for them. Heres the info from their myspace.

    Monday, October 13, 2008

    The Varionis sign deal with Put it on Records!!

    We haven't posted much on here recently as we have been busy reshaping the band and working on a brand new set of tunes which will hopefully give us the recognition all our hard work deserves.

    What I can say is that I am delighted to announce we have signed a deal with London/Brighton label Put it on records to release a single sometime in the new year!! The lads will be heading off to Brighton next month to record 2 tracks in Transmission Studios and to be honest we cannot wait!!

    The single will be available on cd format and the usual I -Tunes etc. and we will be launching this in our home town of Belfast followed by a UK tour, so we will be wrecking a town near you soon!!

    Our next few gigs see us playing the Speakeasy @ Queens Uni with Omaghs finest Colenso Parade & A505 on 30th Oct and the Spring & Airbrake 6th Nov with Dublins Baby Jenx. We will be playing 2 new tunes on these nights which hopefully one of which will be the single so come down and show some support and give us some feedback!!


    The V's
  2. avatar meoreo
    Total word to those dudes !!!! we've had the delightful experience of gigin with those dudes and serious drinking sessions!!! great news!!! top guys :D
  3. avatar Devilspain
    nice one! :) hope the recording and gigs go well!!

    all best
  4. avatar T Entertainment
    Just out of interest, who else is on Put It On Records?
    Can't find their site, have you got a link?
  5. avatar BookBookBook
  6. avatar 10rapid
    only one band then...
    fly free young varionis. you are mingling with such "signed" artists as U2, Elvis and the Beatles.
    You are beyond us now....
  7. avatar shep
    Will this be available in Portrush?
  8. avatar beamer933
    to be fair their new song on myspace is a lot better than their old stuff.
  9. avatar T Entertainment
    I for one am delighted that whichever genius is behind the obvious satirical stunt The Varionis just keeps upping his game.
  10. avatar Baronation
    I for one would like to know what The 'NI MUSIC CRITIC' thinks of the 'Put It On Records' back catalogue.
  11. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Well done to Steve and the lads!
  12. avatar Strong Reaction
    I sincerely hope these upcoming venues are to their satisfaction also.
  13. avatar tinpot anto
  14. avatar goatboy
    This morning I logged onto the Smalltown America Records Myspace page and noticed that the Varionis were in their top friends (of only 3 friends) and I thought "Jesus Christ, these guys are looking to snap them up too. Could be a huge bidding war on here. Maybe The Varionis will be our biggest export after all".

    Then I noticed that they had a random top friend generator.

    Aw well.
  15. avatar meoreo
    awk cmon guys!!! theyre tryin like every other band in Belfast... its hard enuff. chill... they're great bunch of lads