1. avatar DonkeyZSP
    its an ATI HD3870 512mb DDR4 ram overclocked edition

    never been put into a computer

    make me an offer
  2. avatar blonderedhead
    I'm not too techno wise, but just wandering would this fit into a laptop?
  3. avatar DonkeyZSP
    nah mate it wouldnt
  4. avatar boydzo
    How much do ya want m8,don't wanna insult u with an offer...
  5. avatar DonkeyZSP
    sorry mate I've already been made an offer of 75 quid, but if I don't hear back from him for any particular reason I'll give pm

    It's a pci-e slot by the way and it's a beast of a card, make sure there's room in yer case!
  6. avatar boydzo
    I'll make room ;-)