1. avatar danbastard
    I have lying around, as the title suggests, a battered and unused Epiphone SG. I'll list the problems here:

    Only one remaining machine head,
    Body around the jack plug damaged (I stupidly tried to remedy this once with polyfilla),
    Silver part of bridge you thread strings through missing (although I think it might be lying in a drawer in my room),
    Neck pick up a little loose,
    And worst of all, has a crappy home made Apers sticker on.

    It's taking up space in my room, so it's yours for a few tins of beer or something. The electrics are still all working fine. PM me if you're interested in this heap of shit.
  2. avatar navier-stokes
    hmmm sounds like an interesting project guitar to me.... are you in belfast?
  3. avatar penthouserehersal
    i can collect ill bring some beers

    Nez 07923015170
  4. avatar danbastard
    Cheers for all the PMs, I'll reply to them all when I have a bit o' time.