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    Would you be happy hearing your tune played at a political rally without your prior consent?
    [quote:d89336a2d0]Musicians often have little control over how their music is used because of the system that licenses songs for public performance under a blanket fee paid by venues to ASCAP, the firm that collects royalties on behalf of composers and copyright owners.[/quote:d89336a2d0]

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  2. avatar The Ronster
    This famously happened to Springsteen back when Reagan tried to appropriate Born In The USA for his campaign.

    If he'd bothered to even read past the title its likely he wouldn't have bothered.

    Anyway, Bruce demanded that they stop using it.

    Ah, here's the wikipedia bit:

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  4. avatar Rock Danger
    Would I care? nope, as long as got some money for it. And everyone knows it should have been Angel of Death by Slayer.