1. avatar SITH_creations
  2. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Hardcore? I WILL BE THERE!

    More hardcore gigs should be organized in Belfast. Anyway, besides the point, will come along because a few mates told me about Holyman's Glory and they do sound quite rather good.
  3. avatar SITH_creations
    trust me man, I'm trying to get a few more hardcore / metalcore bands up here, mainly from the south at the moment. So keep an eye out!
  4. avatar ZombiLord
  5. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Ah the good ole HC bands from down south. Really awaiting eagerly the day in which Forging Friendships and Kidd Blunt will finally play in Belfast.
  6. avatar Rosshunter
    I'm pretty sure Kidd Blunt played in Belfast not so long ago!
  7. avatar SITH_creations
    Yeah Ross is right Sat 09/08/08 The Assassinators + Kidd Blunt in the Pavilion Belfast! looks like ya missed it man.
  8. avatar SITH_creations
    Belfast date no moved to Laverys Bunker, and will be an earlier slot. Details soon.
  9. avatar SITH_creations

    Just chatted to Lavery's there, and we're shifted back up to the Attic, which means bigger stage, and it doesn't have to end as early

    doors 9.30/10pm yet to decide, music over by 1.15am
  10. avatar Bones
    Looking forward to this!

    Unfortunately hardcore gigs have shite turnouts here, people have been doing them for years and the turnout is always shite because there aren't many hardcore kids up here. The majority of punks don't like it and the metal heads don't like it unless its more metallic. This gig should be good though its got solid support acts to bring in the punters.

    Verse and Have Heart are doin southern dates in December. Fuckin amazin Hardcore bands. You should head down with us to see them Bob!
  11. avatar SITH_creations
    Just an update on this.

    The Newry All ages gig has been pulled, but the other three are still on.

    Hopefully the Lavs Attic show does well, it's the show the Hungarians are most excited about, and while we were in Hungary we learnt that 11 of them are heading over here! mental!!!
  12. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Shite, just read it now. But certainly would be great if I could head down with ye, I take you convinced Jim to drive down.

    Anyways, looking forward to this. Afraid the turnout will be shite as you would expect for a hardcore gig, but hopefully it won't be too bad. If only the ton of people that went to ABR also went to other smaller hardcore gigs...
  13. avatar SITH_creations
    Yea man I know, crowd might struggle, but we'll have to see.

    I'm hoping the Lobotomies will draw a punk crowd, hand of death and Holyman's a hardcore crowd and us boys some of the metal crowd. But we can only hope I guess!

    Gonna head out 2nite and do some fly postering for it! :-D
  14. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Aye, in this occasion there might be a chance for a bit better turnout because of each of the bands drawing hopefully a different kind of crowd.

    And fly postering FTW.
  15. avatar danbastard
    Hungry Hungry Hardcore.
  16. avatar SITH_creations
    they will be Hungry Hungary Hardcore alright, seeing there's 11 of em coming over and we'll be feeding em :lol:
  17. avatar SITH_creations
    This week folks!
  18. avatar Strong Reaction
    Stage times please?
  19. avatar SITH_creations
    stage times, will be sorted by Tues at the latest...

    all we know is Doors at 9.30, prob first band around 10/10.15 and all wrapped up for 12/12.30

    sorry for being so vague
  20. avatar SITH_creations

    First show tomorrow folks!
  21. avatar SITH_creations
    tonight folks