1. avatar RedLikeCrimson
    Can Anyone Help Me?


    Does anyone have any old/broken musical instruments?
    I'm looking for crap violins, guitars with the neck snapped, an old drumkit thats sat in someones attic getting dusty or anything else that might look nice :)
    I'm not trying to restore them, just want them as ornaments/artwork.

    Not offering any money unless you've got something really good but I'm willing to come and collect...

    Also, If anyone has an old working gramophone I'd be willing to pay for one of those.


  2. avatar rentaghost
    I might have a crap violin kicking about the house. I'll have a look.
  3. avatar fastfude
    Posting tip:

    Your subject should summarise your post.

    Don't put a generic "Can anyone help me?" subject, as for someone skimming the forums, there's no indication what you're on about and most won't stop to check.
  4. avatar RedLikeCrimson

    Rentaghost - violin would be lovely :)
  5. avatar dodgi stereo
    Get in touch with auction houses - various schools of music clear out stock that's no longer suitable for rental/repair and it could be bought for next to nothing.
  6. avatar The enfant terrible
    I used to play the song of life with my heart but now it has broke I don't think I'll ever get another tune out of it again. You can have it if you want. I don't have a use for it anymore. It just takes up space in my roofspace. :cry: