1. avatar gerry norman
    APR play their first instore in the Royal Avenue Zavii store as part of their never ending 'Photographs in Black and White EP' Tour :)

    FREE gig. If you havent got a cd yet come on down we'll be giving them out cheap. Starts at 6 (ish) and we'll do a 40 min set.

    There's a full page interview on us in the current issue of Hotpress page 30. Check it.
  2. avatar TuppenyNudger
    Nice interview in Hot Press...

    ... A Plastic Rose will be playing on the 23rd also in McHughs for Oxjam with LaFaro, Mojo Fury and Poets Pocket Symphony.

    What a lineup!!!!
  3. avatar gerry norman
    cheers dude. the instore in actually the day before - I totally fucked up that original post.

    hotpress did a great job I'm so happy I was quoted as saying "thank fuck for Damien Rice". Ha.

    Lafaro, mojo and pps. best line-up we've been on in Belfast for quite some time.
  4. avatar gerry norman
    getupa get on up.