1. avatar daveshorty
  2. avatar trepanner
    OK : I think the Ringo Starr/Foot-spa joke is quite unfair.
  3. avatar The enfant terrible
    Fair play to him. He's probably got something nasty or at the age of 67 he's thinking I don't want to spend me last years signing stuff.
  4. avatar RabbBennett
    I blame it on The Simpsons
  5. avatar pauldoherty
    Rumour has it the boul ringo is unwell....but it would have been easier just to ditch the stuff that comes to his door rather than spoil the legend of nice wee Ringo....that video was a bit cat like.....how many times can he say peace and love.....he's as bad as me :lol: :lol:
  6. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    what of him??

    what with my 11month year old son enjoying thomas the tank engine ive been treated to abit of a revival recently and i certainly miss mr. starrs naration. thomas the ank engine currently consists of pearce 'i was bond' brosnon narrating and songs with cumbawomba(that i get knocked down but i get up again band) mixed with rap breakdowns init.bring back the starr i say..whatever maybe goin on with him..unless hes dead?!he didnt kill himself did he?
  7. avatar Crackity_jones
    [quote:e90dbb6a28="Thedevilsfavouriteson"]what of him??[/quote:e90dbb6a28]

  8. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    fair enough i say.hes starting to look alot like led zeppelins manger peter grant when he went through his alocholic skinny phase.
  9. avatar pauldoherty
    the boul ringo was a hellraiser in his day....knocking about with Keith Moon,T-Rex and Micky Raff....
  10. avatar The enfant terrible
    Seems Ringo's started a trend

  11. avatar beamer933
    to be fair, he's probably got around 10-15 years left to live, he should be spending it all getting wasted and enjoying himself.