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    [b:5710327389]Wednesday 22nd October[/b:5710327389]
    [b:5710327389]Kevin Gildea
    Sarah Millican
    compere : Colin Murphy[/b:5710327389]
    open-spot: Liam Watson

    [b:5710327389]Kevin Gildea[/b:5710327389]

    Kevin is a comedian, writer, actor, reader, walker and list maker. He's performed his stand-up all over the shop - Shanghai, Bankok, Dubai, South Africa , Vietnam and Portloaise. Kevin is very funny and an audience member actually poohed in themselves during one of his gigs in Portlaoise. This is TRUE. He made appearances on television turning up as Fr. Cave on Fr. Ted as well as being on a million stand-up shows on a zillion tv stations.


    [b:5710327389]Sarah Millican[/b:5710327389]

    This years if.comedy newcomer award-winner, takes to the Mandela stage for the second time in her short career. While relatively new to the circuit, Sarah has established herself as a crowd pleasing act with well written material and a gentle delivery style which disguises her cutting observations on life, love and moving back in with your parents. Armed with her wit, an abundance of smelly gel pens and a specially bought travel sponge, Sarah is about to venture beyond where her metro pass takes her and tell the country about her curtains. No, really.

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    just a wee reminder to say that this is on tomorrow night
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    Last time I saw Kevin Gildea it was ridiculously funny.