1. avatar the*optimist
    Hey there! Bought an organ from ebay and its smashing apart from the sound of a log fire crackling away inside it, coming from both the speaker and the headphone jack. Anyone any ideas what it could be and how it could be fixed?

  2. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    Could be any amount of things...

    Try all the voices, try and see see if certain switches/ pots are crackling when you use them... If so try switching them on and off repeatedly and see if that has any effect...

    Open it up, give it a hoover.

    If it's got tubes, replace 'em.

    If the problem still persists it's likely the power supply.
  3. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle

    ^^ This is you
  4. avatar the*optimist
    Cheers for the advice! I opened it up and a more knowledgeable friend checked the connections and he discovered that it was the drum machine connection that was bad, so I've just left it unplugged and everything is working fine!

    I will need to hoover it though as the inside is filthy.

    All sorted now though!