1. avatar Rosshunter
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  2. avatar gerry norman
    god damn I love these bands IN FACT there is an orgy called Plastasia. Check it!
  3. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    It's dirt cheap and I would like to hear Tapasia. Therefore might be down that neck of the woods.
  4. avatar Rosshunter
    Pretty good night.. Surprised by the turnout considering the other gigs that were on last night.

    The Good Fight were fantastic, great vocal delivery and catchy tunes!
  5. avatar gerry norman
    As I sipped my martini during the ballad that is 'Warpath' I couldn't help but notice a warm yet wet dribble running down my leg...ah yes, it was urine.. my own urine. I literally pissed myself Tapasia were so good.

    A few moments later during the Good set I felt a very strange sensation in the back of my jeans. yes I totally shit myself. the best gigs always make me shit and piss all over myself. good work Tapasia and The Good Fight. Good work. Good night. Good times. Good.
  6. avatar Rosshunter

    Mad man!