1. avatar daveshorty
    Hi! Just looking to get in touch with whoever would sort out gigs for:

    Common Room in Dungannon
    Dicey's in Strabane
    Sandino's in Derry
    Square Peg in Warrenpoint
    Hague's in Lisburn
    The Cellar Bar in Draperstown

    Thanks for your help!!
  2. avatar isis
    Mantic gig a lot in the cellar bar, they would be able to point you in the righ tdirection. Their myspace is www.myspace.com/experiencemantic
    Good luck
  3. avatar daveshorty

    anyone got any info on the others?
  4. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    btw: the word is "promoters"?
  5. avatar the*optimist
    [quote:8b9657b114="Lap Dog Shuffle"]btw: the word is "pedant"?[/quote:8b9657b114]

  6. avatar tinpot anto
    "Promoters" implies they may make an effort to "Promote"

    In many many cases "gig-put-on-ers" is entirely accurate whereas "promoter" is "You're having a laugh!"
  7. avatar daveshorty
    haha it was my tactic to make the subject nonsensical in order to draw people to the thread you see. and it's worked wohooo...now give me all your information. i have ways of making you talk.
  8. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    [quote:d6197c5b8a="the*optimist"][quote:d6197c5b8a="Lap Dog Shuffle"]btw: the word is "pedant"?[/quote:d6197c5b8a]Fixed.[/quote:d6197c5b8a]Ha
  9. avatar CiaranC

    You can ring the common room on 87 723632 - best to ring evenings or fri evening/sat afternoon. However for a crowd it's not the best place to go anymore unless u can get an xmas support slot with a band. Hope this helps.

    P.S ask for Mark.