1. avatar confetti
    new iago cd is now in stock in Black Confetti for the very reasonable price of £2.50
  2. avatar kingbowski
    Yes. Yes it is.

  3. avatar Komodo Studios
    go and buy it people. it'll be worth something in years to come!

  4. avatar wabmonkey1
    Aye, £2.50, if you're lucky.
  5. avatar kingbowski
    Hehe. I ain't getting involved! All i'll say is thanks Alwyn.

    *slips Alwyn tenner*
    *slips wabmonkey1 a punch in the ribs*


  6. avatar Fantoma5499
    I must get my hands on a copy!!!!
    Where? When? Wait a minute..........

    .....i'm in Iago!!

    Do i get discount?