1. avatar Agnesnitt

    Bring your pencils and pyjamas to Catalyst for 24 Hour Comics- the annual, international events challenges individuals to produce a 24 page comic written, drawn and completed in 24 consecutive hours.

    From the [url=http://www.24hourcomicsday.com/]Official 24hr Comics website[/url]:

    [i:7c73490742]On August 31st, 1990, Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics), originator of the 24 Hour comic concept, completed his first creative marathon. On April 24th, 2004 Nat Gertler organized the first 24HCD bringing together legions of participants all over the world in this annual event. In the years since, thousands have tried and many have succeeded in creating their own 24 hour comics. [/i:7c73490742]

    The event is free and open to all ages. Participants are advised to bring their own materials, something cosy to doze in and their own choice of food

    There will be a series of [i:7c73490742]mystery[/i:7c73490742] film screenings after 9pm.

    b]October 18th-19th,[/b] Catalyst Arts, 2nd floor, 5 College Court, Belfast- In association with Queen Street Digital Studios. [b:7c73490742]Kicks off at 10am.

    [url=http://www.catalystarts.org.uk/index.php?mact=Calendar,cntnt01,default,0&cntnt01event_id=48&cntnt01display=event&cntnt01lang=en_GB&cntnt01detailpage=73&cntnt01return_id=15&cntnt01returnid=73]Catalyst Website[/url][/quote:7c73490742]

    Should be a good time had by all. Nobody's obliged to stay in Catalyst for a full 24 hours, so people can pop in and out. Think of it as Cinema Sports with comics and without the redering time.