1. avatar Dazfloor
    Central/East Belfast Based Post-Hardcore 5 piece Band seeks



    We practice in a rented practice hall in the East, a short bus journey from the City Hall. We also hold some jamming sessions in each others houses, we have our own drums and shit so its all good!

    We have midi samples that we made in guitar pro, but no such recordings. Add on msn if you wish to hear them

    Interested? Give me a mail to darren.vincent@hotmail.com
  2. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    What kinda post-hardcore? Because if it's the kind I think this might be a great wee band to have in Belfast.

    By the way, I never singed for anyone besides myself so not a professional by any stretch of immagination and can't play drums for shit. So sadly I am out of the picture, but best of luck because I DEMAND a post-hardcore band in Belfast.