1. avatar johndarcy
    I'm playing the recordings for my upcoming CD at OhYeah on the 19th of October. Everyone gets to air their views on the music and vote for the EP title, tracklisting and the artwork.

    And there's free refreshments too :)

    <a href="http://www.myspace.com/johndarcy"><img src="http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/8588/listeningposterwebpk4.jpg" /></a>
  2. avatar oxjambelfast
  3. avatar johndarcy
    that sounds like an amazing day like :-D
  4. avatar johndarcy
    roll up to the bumper baby
  5. avatar Steven Dedalus
    Such a good event!

    I hope that everyone else involved found it as useful and enjoyable as I did.

    It was a great opportunity to get an insight into the creative process of a promising youngn artist, and hopefully some of the audience's comments were of use to him.

    Also, very impressed by Mr D'Arcy's new material!

    More of this sort of thing, please!
  6. avatar thesneakybandit
    Yeh I really enjoyed this. Some of the new material is a lot darker and edgier which is a great step forward for John. The whole setup of yesterday was great and it was nice to hear so many different people from diverse sectors of the music community giving quite a broad range of opinionsabout the tracks.

    In other news, there's a new John D'Arcy website on the way which will be done once the final EP artwork is decided upon.
  7. avatar johndarcy
    I agree guys, also really enjoyed the day and found the live audience feedback really exciting and interesting - Thanks to everyone who came down yesterday afternoon.

    We're gonna calculate the results of the questionnaire over the next few days and then I'll start work on finishing for the EP.

    I'll soon be emailing everyone who came down, with some of the major decisions and possibly some info about when the EP will be available.

    Thanks again for your help!

    ps - if anyone who didn't make it down wants to find out more about the EP, send your email address to info@johndarcy.com and ask to join the mailing list.

  8. avatar Amz
    I'm sorry i didn't get down.

    Ive heard good things about the event and about your EP Mr. Darcy. Look forward to hearing it.