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    My first post!
    Alright there!

    Supporting the love for 70's / 80's music byebuy is giving the offer to people at fastfude!

    [b:9cc6621cfc]Background [/b:9cc6621cfc]- The rockin' Stormzone met L.A. Guns during their tour in Spain 1st Oct 2008...and they grabbed a bunch of stuff for the BYEBUY cause! Oh yes...we got memorabilia...Photographs and their DVD are signed by ALL members: Phil Lewis (vocals), Scott Griffin (bass), Stacey Blades (guitar) and Steve Riley (drums). This 80's band from LA have been most generous...so get yer mits on 'em now! (photos c/o the L.A. Guns Fan club)

    Ok so are you interested? - The items are up on our website www.byebuy.org Prices, details and Photos of the gold is up there on the site. Check it out.

    Email Sarah at: teambyebuy@gmail.com with any enquires :)

    Rock on!