1. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    Unfortunately during our UTV Live at the Limelight filming it appears someone dropped or dropped something on our Korg Triton Le (judging by the scratches/dents/missing knob on it).

    The 'Prog' key doesn't work now so I can't access certain synth and organ sounds we use in our live set and in the recording studio. It still makes a clicking sound but won't let me select the program banks. All i can select is the combi patches.

    Does anyone know of someone locally that could fix it or does anyone here have experience fixing them?

    It wasn't insured nor did the culprit own up and I can't afford to send it off to get fixed.
  2. avatar goatboy
    That's a bit crap!

    I think I remember Feline yonks ago saying that these guys fix keys / synths:

    Tri Electronics
    163-169 Donegall Road,
    BT12 5NA
    028 90592244

    I can't be certain if they still fix these kind of things, but might be worth a shot.
  3. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    cheers goatboy. I'll give them a ring.

    I think something's come loose just. If it's gonna cost a fortune i'm gonna have a go at it myself although there's still a yamaha lying in bits after my last attempt at fixing a keyboard:(
  4. avatar goatboy
    Actually, just spotted Feline's reply on [url=http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=20902]this[/url].

    Maybe they're actually best avoided.

    I'm fairly sure that previously he did say they were good though.
  5. avatar tenrabbits
    Here Deci.. I'd be able to sort that for you I reckon, other than I'm in London for the forseeable future! If you can wait til one of the weekends I'm back I could certainly have a look though, if you've had no luck.

    I would add - it's quite likely the hardest part of fixing this will be getting the keyboard apart, but Korg stuff is quite easy to dismantle.