1. avatar MovingOn
  2. avatar MovingOn
    Don't forget...

    Powerful free-jazz/noise rock trio [b:a53c1612e5]The Thing[/b:a53c1612e5] will be appearing in the Black Box, Belfast on Wednesday 19th November at 8pm. Check out their amazing version of Iron Man: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6S9avM63zQ

    They will be joined by pioneering Japanese guitar/turntablist [b:a53c1612e5]Otomo Yoshihide[/b:a53c1612e5] for an unmissable night of noise.


    Get your tickets now from www.movingonmusic.co.uk

  3. avatar rinky
    Looking forward to this 'un.
  4. avatar november kyle
    Ahh the same night as Genghis Tron!!!11111
  5. avatar spirit of division
  6. avatar MovingOn
    One week to go!

    Tickets are still available from www.movingonmusic.co.uk

  7. avatar rinky
    [quote:ecb1919e0c="november kyle"]Ahh the same night as Genghis Tron!!!11111[/quote:ecb1919e0c]

    And Pixie Saytar / Three Tales / Heliopause EP launch night too :(

    Think it's gotta be this though.
  8. avatar spirit of division
    I generally cant be bothered going out but I will be heading to this or Tron...tough night but I'm guessing Tron wins unless I can make Dublin...
  9. avatar MovingOn
    Don't forget - The Thing and Otomo Yoshihide this Wednesday 19th November!

    This amazing night of noise will open with a solo set from guitarist/turntablist Otomo Yoshihide, which will be followed by a mighty performance by The Thing and will end with the powerful combined forces of The Thing plus Otomo Yoshihide!


  10. avatar all-is-vanity
    Any idea about stage times; I've gotta work that night.... :cry:
  11. avatar MovingOn
    Approximate timings as follows...

    Otomo Yoshihide Solo: 8.30pm

    The Thing: 9.00pm

    The Thing + Otomo Yoshihide: 9.45pm
  12. avatar boourns
    This should be over by 11 or so?
  13. avatar MovingOn
    Yep - it should all be finished up by 11pm.
  14. avatar spirit of division
    I'm thinking....

    The Thing
    Behold...The Arctopus
    Ghengis Tron

  15. avatar ronexec
    My first post!
    Was was this on Wednesday night?

    Otomo solo
    The Thing
    Otomo with The Thing
  16. avatar boourns
    Up with this sort of thing!

    Careful now!
  17. avatar dodgi stereo
    That was fairly extreme stuff.

    Fun, in a pore-opening way.
  18. avatar rinky
    Some killer sounds and indeed, bakes outta all four lads.
  19. avatar boourns
    Aye, oul' Mats Gustafsson looked like he'd had a nasty Esperanto's kebab when he wasn't playing
  20. avatar rinky
    [quote:a1518f8f98="boourns"]Aye, oul' Mats Gustafsson looked like he'd had a nasty Esperanto's kebab when he wasn't playing[/quote:a1518f8f98]

    More Mark E. Smith on Newsnight I thought;

  21. avatar boourns