1. avatar daveshorty
    no shit... and i was too scared to shout 'Tyres!' at him
  2. avatar thesacredhearts
    He's from Holywood.
  3. avatar Lloyd Dobler
    Tyres looked exactly like David Holmes back then...
  4. avatar Strong Reaction
    He used to do stand-up at The Empire.
  5. avatar thesacredhearts
    He invented the question mark.
  6. avatar goatboy
    I've been doing loads of "celebrity" spotting over here in Newcastle.

    My last spot was Charley Boorman on Friday in the train station.

    In the past month or so I've spotted Zane Lowe (train station), Paul Mullen from the Automatic / ycni:m (in the pub and also in the train station), singer from Black Kids (walking down the street, pretty close to the train station), Michael from Therapy? (in my local pub), Jenn from the latest Big Bro (on my train..... twice).

    At the moment I spend a lot of time in train stations / on trains.
  7. avatar jonnywad
    you're the new perez hilton.
  8. avatar ShowYourBones
    I met Samantha Mumba once.
  9. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    I was in a pub in Monaghan last night and Colm Meany came in, and said "Dry white".
  10. avatar rentaghost
    I once met Lionel Blair outside Robinsons.
  11. avatar Crackity_jones
    I saw Leo Sayer walking along Donegall Place wearing a pair of massive headphones once. And Jack Dee crossing the road in front of the Europa.
  12. avatar ShowYourBones
    I also got Keith from Boyzone's autograph once, it was for my mammy I may add. He asked me, 'Who will I make it out to' I was oh so tempted to utter back 'My mother, its clearly not for me ya plum'.
  13. avatar JTM
    I thought I saw the Stranglers today on Gt. Victoria Street, but since I doubt they, or any other self-respecting band, all wear t-shirts with their own band name on them, I'm gonna say it was a couple of old fans.
  14. avatar Crackity_jones
    [quote:9045cc69a5="JTM"]I thought I saw the Stranglers today on Gt. Victoria Street, but since I doubt they, or any other self-respecting band, all wear t-shirts with their own band name on them, I'm gonna say it was a couple of old fans.[/quote:9045cc69a5]

    I wouldn't be so sure, 3/4 of LITE were wearing their own shirts last night! And the bass player was wearing an Adebisi Shank shirt - i.e. the support band, cos they toured Japan together. So you never know.
  15. avatar Strong Reaction
    Crap celebrity spotting.

    Paul Young (Howard Street)
    Warren Mitchell (at a service station in London)
    Wille Thorne (in Boots)
    Lisa 'You've Been Dingle'd' Riley (Gt Victoria St Spar)
    Katie Puckrick (Tower Records somewhere in London)
  16. avatar Flatyre
    [quote:72b2cc4fa9="ShowYourBones"]I also got Keith from Boyzone's autograph once, it was for my mammy I may add. [/quote:72b2cc4fa9]

    [quote:72b2cc4fa9="KFB"]'Who will I make it out to' [/quote:72b2cc4fa9]

    [quote:72b2cc4fa9="ShowYourBones"]'My mother, its clearly not for me ya plum'.[/quote:72b2cc4fa9]

    [quote:72b2cc4fa9="KFB"]I didnt ask for your name, I asked who I should make it out to. Whats her name?[/quote:72b2cc4fa9]

    [quote:72b2cc4fa9="ShowYourBones"]Er, Kevin.[/quote:72b2cc4fa9]
  17. avatar himynameissween
    my celeb list:

    avid merrion (heathrow airport)
    all of rancid bar tim armstrong (ulster hall back street)
    jim from jimmy eat world (st georges market back street)
    cal from the hole in the wall gang (auntie annies)
    jughead from screeching weasel (front page, then india street, but then again, everyone met him)
    tom delonge and the rest of angels & airwaves (glasgow)
    david holmes (qft)
  18. avatar artofdarkness
    Bob Geldof & French girlfriend (rounding the corner near Belfast M&S)
    Rula Lenski (walking up Botanic Avenue)
    Vanessa Feltz (walking on opposite side of the Europa)
    Brian May (walking around Belfast city centre)
  19. avatar Per
    Tyres is good friends with my mate's da. but never mind that, i once saw Dirty Den outside Esperantos. he gave me the stink eye but at least he didn't kill me.
  20. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    i saw the irish one from neighbours walking past laverys when i was on the bus - he's fairly put the weight on.
  21. avatar nocturn
    Henry Rollins: twice
    Phil Anselmo
    Dez Cadena
    Jerry Only
    Sir Roger Bannister (dont ask)
    Seasick Steve
    Manic Street Preachers
  22. avatar DontPetABurningDog
    Alf from Home and Away, in the Europa resident's bar at four in the morning.

    And, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman in same, at a marginally more civilised hour.

    Strangely, that represents both times I've been in the Europa.
  23. avatar Orzo
    I got Stefan Dennis' autograph after he performed in 'Who's Life Is It Anyway?' at the Opera House years ago.

    I'm living in Sydney now and they run Neighbours Nights here and in Melbourne where you can schmooze with the cast. Apparently the good doctor whatshisface is a real leech.
    The other half wants to do this for some reason - I cannot see the appeal myself.
  24. avatar KingNeon
    Lets see:

    Daley Thompson
    Christopher Biggins
    Peter Hitchens (Daily Mail Columnist and mentalist)
    John Nettles (Bergerac)
    Bill O'Reilly (Fox News host)
    Lesley Joseph (Birds of a Feather, absolutly blizted an hanging off the arm of a man at least twenty years her junior)
    Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  25. avatar daveshorty
    You met O'Reilly?!?! I hope you spat at him.
  26. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
    Early one mornin on the Dublin road I shook Seasick Steve's hand, like leather. And Markie Ramone staggered out of a van behind the slimers one day lookin half sleepin about half five to sign some kids records, an Nicky Wire tried to see what paper I read from under his sunglasses, an once, while waiting for a cab from the Gt Vic St station, I saw a big crowd of teenagers outside the Europa and then Morrissey drove past, looking anxious, in the back of a big black car down to Shaftsbury Sq to turn, meanwhile Ronan Keating came out of the Europa and got in a car, and the crowd all screamed and chased after him, then 2 sensitive lookin guys with armfuls of Smiths records walked past and replaced the crowd at the Europa just as Morrissey's car got back from turnin and he got out an signed the 2 guys records, an then my cab landed and the cabbie an I drove off an probably chatted about football.
  27. avatar fopp
    That's so crazy, I was just thinking about Spaced this morning and the famous dance scene. What are the chances, well probably not that small.

    Some people just seem to be listing the famous people they've seen at gigs, does that count when you've got a ticket to see them?

    For my part I saw someone famous a couple of weeks ago, although I didn't actually see them, there was just a load of people and commoition outside a bbc building. So it could only have been someone famous. Possibly Einstein.
  28. avatar DontPetABurningDog
    Jeremy Kyle, And John Humphries. It was an odd day.
  29. avatar Per
    i got stoned with Evan Dando on a school night
  30. avatar nonlogic liam
    [quote:2fb9990a86]i got stoned with Evan Dando on a school night[/quote:2fb9990a86]

    I bet that was as much fun as being glassed!

    Brian May (walking around Belfast city centre)[/quote:2fb9990a86]

    now that would have been awesome.
  31. avatar Di Di Mau
    I met someone once who partied with Mogwai. Kiss my face
  32. avatar Sinnerb0y
    I nearly met saracen from gladiators...
  33. avatar KingNeon
    My mum once saw Roger Moore and his wife at the cosmetics counter in Boots at Royal Avenue, she said he looked like he'd just been painted with mahogany varnish
  34. avatar rinky
    I saw Phil Hartnoll's knackers on T Ent's sofa.
  35. avatar aaronrossi
    One my first day living in Dublin years ago I saw your one from the corrs and Kelsey Grammar.

    At glasto a few years ago me and my wife seemed to spot a lot of celebs:
    Howard Marks - who I spasmed out some "I know you" type shite!
    Keith Allen
    The nice bird off "My Family" etc.etc.etc.

    Plus we were standing behind a very off his head Pete Doherty and Kate Moss when they went to mingle with the commoners! There is a Getty Image of them walking through the mud and you can see me in the background ogling her butt-talks! :)

    In New York last chrimbo we saw Michelle Gellar (Buffy?), Angela Landsbury doing her shapping... and we missed the oppertunity of a lifetime to talk to a legend who was walking down 5th avenue beside us - Mr Billy COnnolly!
  36. avatar The enfant terrible
    I saw the Jim Corr in Clements way up the lisburn road a few years back. It was winter and he was wearing sunglasses (prick)

    I once talked some guys out of beating up the lead singer of Starsailor when he was having a festive dram in The Grouse in Ballymena.

    I met the wee nervous doctor gadge with the curly hair from Green Wing (nice bloke).

    The new Blue Peter girl went to my oul uni and once interviewed me for the student rag.
  37. avatar Steven Dedalus
    I've met millions of famous people.

    In fact, if you've not met me, it probably means yer not famous.
  38. avatar Deestroyer
    I walked past Dr Cox from Scrubs near Irene and Nans a few years ago. He looked pretty lost. And more recently I passed Graham Dot and John Higgins who were walking behind the city hall with snooker cues in hand. Just as I began to text me Da, Mark Devenport from bbc news saunters past. Ok, it's not very exciting, but within 100 meters of each other, two spots, not bad.
  39. avatar Daithi jasper
    Dr. Cox. That would be a dream come true. Hes also in Platoon.
  40. avatar aaronrossi
    I nearly knocked down Joe Lyndsey recently as well... as he doddled along the gasworks totally unaware that there was a car behind him going at a snails pace...
  41. avatar tinpot anto
    Shane McGowan
    Michael Franti
    Samantha Mumba
    Wasp Boy
    JJ Burnell
    Christy Dignam
    Captain Sensible
    Dave Vanian
  42. avatar nonlogic liam
    The only famous person I ever talked to (except famous musicologists, but they're not really famous) was that guy who played Emmet in [i:a989ebf45d]'Keeping up appearances'[/i:a989ebf45d]. I spotted him in a coffee shop in Derry about five years ago. After saying hello to him I felt so dirty I nearly cried in the street! I also botched my one and only opportunity to meet Morrissey by being totally wasted and screaming at a BBC 3 camera "I lurve Morr-[burp]-issey...
  43. avatar Chi-Lite
    Kevin Rowland

    That'll do.

    Oh, and John Martyn and the Sawdoctors.
    [i:7050fc596e]That'll[/i:7050fc596e] do. I win.
  44. avatar The enfant terrible
    I went to Uni with Marty Craggs from Lindisfarne's son. He was often to be found sitting in a sleazy snackbar sucking sickly sausage rolls.
  45. avatar nonlogic liam
    There was also the time I almost got to meet Michael Stipe, three years ago. Ron had offered me backstage passes and a free lift to the Point in Dublin to meet my childhood hero, however I had a full blown flu and could hardly walk. Yet, I decided to throw caution to the wind and get in Ron's car for what seemed like one hundred years of suffering and illness. So we park the car, head for the seated balcony and sat through a rather mediocre R.E.M set. But what did it matter I was going to meet R.E.M. Meanwhile, it was nearing the end of the show when Michael Stipe announced from the stage that "no one can come back stage tonight as it's the last night of our European tour, and were having a special party back stage for our European crew, however you can go back stage with the support band Now Overhead". My reaction was simply "for f-uck sake"! But Ron insisted that we go back stage [which turned out to be Now Overhead's "tour bus"], so off we went to the car park, mounted the stairs of the bus whereupon we were met by a bunch of Hanson lookalikes furiously smoking crack/dope/whatever. I remember standing in the gangway of the bus, with a full blown flu, nose dripping with snot thinking to myself: "this is the worst night ever!"...
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  46. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:e23e81a87c="Chi-Lite"]John Martyn and the Sawdoctors[/quote:e23e81a87c]Now THAT would have been some performance.
  47. avatar babyknowsbest
    I shared a lift with Charlie Lansbourough in Liverpool, i also sat beside Louise Woodward in a cafe at the Albert Dock (shes a big fan of Lush apparently), i carried Mani's records into a bar in Belfast for a DJ set after offering my assistance when he stepped out of a taxi., and i seen Jared Leto and his entourage ridein' the dung out of a locka bikes in Amsterdam.. I've seen the quane twice, once at the bestowing of city status on Armagh and again at liverpool airport...
  48. avatar basileh
    We thought we met a fat lookalike of Dave Stewart in McKennas Monaghan and it was him.
  49. avatar luke
    I met Rab C. Nesbitt outside the old apache when I was about 12.
  50. avatar Strong Reaction
    I met Eamonn P Keyes once.
  51. avatar daryl.horsepower
    i know Eoghan Quigg. :smt098
  52. avatar daryl.horsepower
    i'm not proud of it.