1. avatar deadonmusic
    Kitty and the Can Openers launch their eponymous debut EP with a showcase gig in McHughs Bar featuring guests Tom McShane and Joe Echo.

    Kitty and the Can Openers
    Tom McShane
    Joe Echo

    McHughs Bar, Belfast
    9.00pm - Thursday 13th November

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  2. avatar deadonmusic
    Next week, folks...
  3. avatar KittyAndTheCanOpeners
    This Thursday, head down to McHughs for a chilled out evening of great music on a cold dark night. We're also featured in this months AU with a nice review of the EP!
  4. avatar KittyAndTheCanOpeners
    Joe Echo has had to cancel i'm afraid but the equally class Geoff Gatt has filled in at the last minute! there'll be ukelele action galore. Tomorrow night!!
  5. avatar deadonmusic
    [quote:8ba4c6e7e8="KittyAndTheCanOpeners"]Joe Echo has had to cancel i'm afraid but the equally class Geoff Gatt has filled in at the last minute! there'll be ukelele action galore. Tomorrow night!![/quote:8ba4c6e7e8]

    That's just what I was going to say...

    Only obviously it's tonight now!
  6. avatar PhatBob
    Ah frig I forgot this was tonight too - decisions decisions!!!
  7. avatar Tom McShane
    I'm really looking forward to this! See y'all later! :)
  8. avatar Recycled Alien
    I'll be the old man in the corner operating the controls.

    If you don't know KATCO, check out the Balcony TV video at [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtJ5CUz4wRQ[/url]
  9. avatar PhatBob
    I always forget how much I love you guys but that video reminded me.

    Stage times for yourselves tonight, please?
  10. avatar deadonmusic

    Geoff Gatt 9.30pm

    Tom McShane 10.15pm

    Kitty and the Can Openers 11.00pm
  11. avatar PhatBob
    cheers! Just need to find someone who'll travel the length of the town with me now from Jackson Cage to you guys....

    Hope I find someone
  12. avatar deadonmusic
    cheers to kitty and the can openers, tom mcshane, geoff gatt, steve, the folks on the door and merch and everyone else who came down and made this a great wee night. i had fun!
  13. avatar pennydistribution
    well done deadon! t'was mad craic.
  14. avatar Tom McShane
    Yes indeed, what a splendid evening! KATCO were just awesome; they really are a very special band. Geoff was wonderful, as always! There was a great audience too and a really lovely atmosphere. The sound was great too; good job, Steve! Well done to all involved! :)
  15. avatar KittyAndTheCanOpeners
    Thanks to everyone who came down last night, it really was a special night for us. Tom and Geoff were amazing as always and Andy, Scott and Steve were second to none. Keep checking our website www.kittyandthecanopeners.com for updates
  16. avatar The enfant terrible
    Just want to add to this. I haven't seen Tom or Geoff play in a good while and it was a very welcome dose of both. Kitty and the Can Openers were on top form and I went away with a CD and poster but no badge (I'm not a badge person) at the end of the night. Thanks again for dedicating Predatory Love to me (I hope it was just because I really love the song and nothing to do with my occasional comments on one or more of the Olsen twins).

    Great stuff.
  17. avatar The enfant terrible
    Just read over my last post and it wasn't nearly enthusiastic enough. You totally rocked and I well loved it. Keep it up.