1. avatar Desus
    [b:561ec2b14d]Radar Live presents

    Push Borders

    Gentry Morris

    Queer Giraffes[/size:561ec2b14d][/b:561ec2b14d]

    Thursday 16th October
    Speakeasy Bar, Belfast
    Queens Students Union
    Doors 9pm
    Adm: FREE
    Non Students Welcome

  2. avatar Desus
    Queer Giraffes added to this as well.

  3. avatar rentaghost
    Its really good to see some Common Grounds regulars getting onto bigger stages at last.

    More of this sort of thing.
  4. avatar luke
    Sweet mercy, dee are you really sure you want the giraffes playing radar??
  5. avatar Desus
    They've done it before. Piece of piss!!

  6. avatar rentaghost
    Gentry Morris is class.
  7. avatar johndarcy
    does anyone know the stage times for this gig?
  8. avatar Desus
    10.15 Queer Giraffes
    11.00 Gentry Morris
    11.45 Push Borders
  9. avatar Desus