1. avatar rigsyATL
  2. avatar confetti
    I am already not looking forward to Friday morning. :D
  3. avatar nocturn
    Oh Yeeeeeeeeahhh!!1
  4. avatar confetti
    There is a strict limit of 2 tickets per customer. The price is very reasonable compared to some of the acts this summer. I expected them to be much more expensive.
  5. avatar the_doctor199
    [quote:77f19e2362="confetti"]There is a strict limit of 2 tickets per customer. The price is very reasonable compared to some of the acts this summer. I expected them to be much more expensive.[/quote:77f19e2362]

    Very true, it isnt [i:77f19e2362]that [/i:77f19e2362] expensive really considering what new bands with two crappy albums are charging
  6. avatar Deevolution
    wow, at last.
  7. avatar Daz
    I just phoned my mum, and she squealed like a banshee. I think she may be more excited about this than I am.

    Any idea what time on Friday these go on sale?
  8. avatar the_doctor199
    [quote:06309ef1be="Daz"]Any idea what time on Friday these go on sale?[/quote:06309ef1be]

  9. avatar yurwell
    do u think will belfast be on the agenda?
  10. avatar 10rapid
    there's a presale on wednesday....anyone got the password?
  11. avatar the_doctor199
  12. avatar confetti
    They have already added a second paris date on the 27th feb according to the french press, so you never know there might be a second Dublin date or a Belfast one.
  13. avatar 10rapid
    I'd say they'll add more dublin dates as they sell out
  14. avatar the_doctor199
    Id expect a extra London date rather than a Belfast or Dublin one, they seem to have left a extra days break in London for one
  15. avatar Numbnut Sounds
  16. avatar welshchris
    so anyone know how you get the presale tickets?
  17. avatar livemusicpics.com
  18. avatar confetti
    [quote:5db04b5b8f="welshchris"]so anyone know how you get the presale tickets?[/quote:5db04b5b8f]
    you need to join the ac/dc fan club if you don't manage to get tickets you can cancel the membership and get a refund.
  19. avatar kevinfreeburn
    just after getting my tickets. so excitin!
  20. avatar welshchris
    Thanks I joined the fan club this morning, in the end I got the tickets via the O2 preorder this morning. Got a friend in the south to get me a code.

    All good anyway, you never knwo if they do any other shows later in the summer could use the fan club stuff for that.

  21. avatar livemusicpics.com
    Got 2! All gone already. Surely there'll be another date at least.
  22. avatar eatthefood
    shocking, i was on there for before 9am and got through at 9:02, said there was nothing available for my search, tried again, waited for another 5 mins and there was an error. tried the booking line who confirmed it is sold out.

    better be another one announced, although i'd say it'll be just as much of a circus.
  23. avatar siborg69
    boooourns!! none for me :(
  24. avatar Pete
  25. avatar siborg69
    mate managed to get 2 for london and 2 for dublin....so im either goin to london or dublin!! GET IN!!!! :D
  26. avatar T Entertainment
  27. avatar tomselleck
    My first post!
    I managed to get tickets but only because I camped outside our local record shop!

    I would report the people selling tickets on ebay as it is against AC/DC's policy:

    ACDC.com does not tolerate the scalping of tickets. If we suspect you of scalping, we will cancel your tickets without warning.
  28. avatar kickintheteeth
    I managed to get tickets for the Thursday at the o2 In London.

    Text ACDC to 2402 for the promo code.
  29. avatar starsky
    Arrghh, I cant believe they sold out so damn fast. If anyone has any to spare please contact me asap. bufordtjustice2003@yahoo.co.uk

  30. avatar the_doctor199
    [quote:13328ff5a1="livemusicpics.com"]Got 2! All gone already. Surely there'll be another date at least.[/quote:13328ff5a1]

    Alan, I think you should give me yours!
  31. avatar confetti
    did anyone, apart from tom selleck, queue up at shops and get a ticket?
  32. avatar griefhound
    Am I alone in thinking that DC are 28 years past their best, and are just shite these days?? Brian fucking Johnson. :lol:
  33. avatar nocturn
    Go see Airbourne.
  34. avatar the_doctor199
    One more sleep :-D
  35. avatar Andrew
    Brilliant gig, and the smooth running of the O2 puts some Northern Ireland venues to shame.

    No queues to get in or out, no queues at the bar, plenty of toilets, several smoking areas, helpful, smiling (!!) staff, good views of the stage from all around the venue, good sound, ambient lighting, lots of off-street parking, no traffic jams leaving. God knows how they pulled it all off, actually.
  36. avatar T Entertainment
    Did King's X play?

    I imagine the 02 isn't run by myopic, cynical, money-grabbing slime who employ only aggressive, educationally subnormal spides, from your account.

    Like most arenas in the British Isles, with one glaring exception.
  37. avatar livemusicpics.com
    Class gig!

    And yes, the Point (it'll never be the 02 to those of a certain age!)is looking pretty good. No queues to get in, or for the bar or the toilet.
  38. avatar bottleofsmoke
    I was a tad worried goin down to this, thinkin to meself that this is gonna be like the fuckin odyssey and completely fuck up my enjoyment. But cos it's the 'Dc I just couldn't miss it.

    Not a bit of it.

    Friendly staff, great sound, no queues for anything. You could be up to the bar & back & away for a piss & back again in no time at all. And out the side for a few puffs in no time as well.

    Sorta makes me hate the odyssey even more cos it shows there really isn't any fuckin excuse for the shite service they offer us.

    Anyway, AC/DC were amazin, Angus Young 54 yr old legend!
  39. avatar nonlogic liam
    I have to agree. Great venue, well run customer services, easy access to smoking areas, bars, and parking. Moreover, the arena was fantastic: comfy seats, good sound, huge stage, top notch lighting. I really can't say enough good things about this place. I was worried that none of the above mention advantages would exist given that my last experiences of big bands have been traumatic, stemming from the general crappyiness of the Odyssey. Why can't it be more like the O2?