1. avatar RockNRoller
    Between us we have vocals, rhythm, and bass. We now need a drummer and a lead player to play original modern Rock N Roll. Influences are The rolling Stones, Beatles, Stone Roses, Kings Of Leon, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Oasis, Sex Pistols etc etc... This band has potential already, we just need the finishing touches.
  2. avatar The Old New
    Any samples?
  3. avatar RockNRoller
  4. avatar fastfooderbelfast
    Hey, sent you that mp3
  5. avatar RockNRoller
    Cheers mate I'll have a listen.
  6. avatar RockNRoller
  7. avatar johnnymcclure
    u still need a lead guitarist?
    9 years experience. favourite stuff is the Beatles, Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix, etc..
    Let me know!
  8. avatar theflange
    Go on Brendy you legend!
  9. avatar funkyharpman
    If you still require a guitarist please call me 07900322332

    thnx Allan
  10. avatar Chewie
    My first post!
    Aye I'm a guitar player lookin a band. I know most of the stones, stone roses and creedence stuff and I can pick-up whatever else is needed. give us a call on 07817386479
  11. avatar brazomc
    My first post!
    whats the lowest age in your band and where is your band
  12. avatar mullinino
    hey-im liking your influences,could be interested in being the drummer-do you have any tunes or demos to hear?can send ye my email if you do....