1. avatar Issac_xin
    I'm considering about getting one between these two. Need some reviews.

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    for the past few years ive been playing a stagg les paul which i got for 79 quid, and even before i changed the pickup (gibson dirty fingers humbucker in bridge position) it sounded and felt amazing to play. after the pickup installation, ive never even considered repacing it for a "high range" model.

    brand names mean nothing as long as you can get a great sound out of them.
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  5. avatar Issac_xin
    Thank you, guys. I come from China. We don't have very good environment for music. Thus, most of us seldom have chance to try many guitars, usually we only know something basic about those famous brands. Personally, i quite like both the shape and the sound of gibson lp. Due to its high price, i can not afford it, in addition, i'm not a very experienced player, a gibson seems to be too lavish for me. When i bought my first guitar, i tried an epiphone lp, however the neck seemed to be too thick for me.(I don't have very big hands) Therefore, i picked an Ibanez RG instead. It still works well today, but now i'm not very satisfied with the tone of that guitar, it sounds quite metal and i can hardly get other flexible tones. I want to know whether there is any guitar sounds like lp and has a thiner neck. I thought the LTD EC should be similar and it is designed by japan perhaps it could provide a thinner neck.
  6. avatar BinaryOperator
    ....just my 2d. I have an epi les paul. It plays like a dream. Got a SD in teh bridge and sounds great.

    I've heard horrible things about epiphones, but mine is a beauty. Bought from EPK though so I've no doubt it has had some setup work done on it by that good man...

    It is worth while keeping an eye on the classifieds around here for bargains. I've found quite a few...

    One thing I will say though is that for the lower end of the market do try and play before you buy, ordering online is great for saving a few sheckles but you will never know if you're gonna get a complete lemon. At least in the shop you can try a few different guitars and find one that needs the least amount of f**king with to get it to a playable state.....
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    i have an epiphone les paul standard, sunburst finish... basically just the way it was bought, no customisation done etc. if you're interested, i'm actually wanting to sell it i think.
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    i cant recomend yamahas aes620s enough excellent alternative to an lp
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    [quote:4cb38443d1="penthouserehersal"]i cant recomend yamahas aes620s enough excellent alternative to an lp[/quote:4cb38443d1]

    i almost bought that guitar 5 years ago. plays very well. it was a toss up between that and a prs se. the prs won......but only because i hated the headstock on the yamaha.
  10. avatar unplugged
    a korean tokai LP would be better built and have slimmer neck profile than the Epiphone.
    Guitar Emporium have a heap of them in at the minute and i will say if you pick a good un they are fantastic. try each one as i found all play differently.
    the one i bought on behalf of my mates wife for his 30th played like a dream. so much so he was soldhis epiphone and used the cash to put bareknuckle humbuckers in his tokai.