1. avatar JTM
    Club Destroid, Thursday 16th October, Spring & Airbrake
    [b:8d817a768b]Cowboy X + DJ Angie[/b:8d817a768b]
    photo by Arianne Dalby Speight

    Taking a break from writing soundtrack music, David and John met Karen and started writing songs. Cowboy X was a Cowboy, from Sesame Street, and had a strange obsession with branding everything X and eventually O. Why we have no idea, but he seemed like a nice guy. What more do you need to know?

    Sounding like a mixture of Ladytron and Metric, with a big old dose of fun mixed in, this one will be like melted liquid plastic with Parma Violets in your ears.

    Plus DJ Angie on the 1's and 2's. Plus [b:8d817a768b]The Answer[/b:8d817a768b] are playing at the Spring again that night, so this is like a triple dose of excellent music for you.
  2. avatar T Entertainment
    Bit confused - how does this tie in with The Answer / Inch High?

    EDIT: ignore, just noticed it's an early gig. :)
  3. avatar Rocky
    saw Cowboy X at Electric Picnic, thought they were great!
  4. avatar JTM
    You're spoilt for choice tonight with other quality gigs, but don't forget Club Destroid is FREE!