1. avatar Issac_xin
    My first post!
    Hi, guys. I'm a freshman here. I come from China and now study in the University of

    Ulster, Jordanstown. 21 years old. I'm interested in music and have just practiced bass

    for several months. I just want to find a kind bass player or band who could teach me

    a little bit for free. I'm too poor to find myself a teacher. I have basic equipments, a

    warwick corvette standard and a roland cube30. I live in compus. Usually i'm spare

    from thursday to sunday. If anyone or any band here is so kind and willing to help me

    and give me some advice. Please contact me.

    Some of the bands i like: Agalloch, The cure, Joy division, In flames, Ulver, Darkthrone,

    Nirvana, Opeth, Sonic youth and many Chinese bands.

    If you have the similar tastes as mine or you are curious about the music in China, feel

    free to contact me. Thanks verrrrrry much!!!

    By the way, i just arrived in Belfast about 1 month ago. Thus my english is not very

    good. Sorry for that.

    Email: issac_xin@hotmail.com