1. avatar Biff
  2. avatar flmcasey
    Ulsterbank Stockholder Investment something.. just a wild guess. sorry mate.

    They're probably taking money off you because the bank that owns Ulster Bank lost a few points on the stock market and they're trying to keep up funds.

    ...I dunno, wild guess is better than none.
  3. avatar Biff
    I've just released that it's to do with my son's saving's account. I lost the form when he was born and we found it when moving house over the summer. The missus must have posted it.
  4. avatar flmcasey
    Wow.. how horribly wrong was I? hahahaha
  5. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
  6. avatar spirit of division
    Claim it back!
  7. avatar Cugel
  8. avatar Baronation
  9. avatar racecarisracecarbackwards
  10. avatar Mikeymoko
    it's YOUR reponsibility to look after YOUR account...
  11. avatar The Grace Jones
    Bet you were one of those kids who had coloured dividers and used highlighter pens in their notes.
  12. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    And ring re-enforcements...
  13. avatar The Grace Jones
    Chortle, I was looking for that one but couldn't remember the name. Ring re-enforcements. Cless.