1. avatar all-is-vanity


    Let me say that again. Shocking.
  2. avatar The Fires of Hell
    On the other hand though, in the twelve years since it came out it's been a consistent floor filler at any rock club worth its salt and comes from arguably one of the single best small-g goth albums of the 90s.

    As an interpretation it's authentic while at the same time having Type O's personality stampted all over it - a feat eluding most bands who cover anything - and its place in the bigger picture of the album is spot on.

    But yeah, for youtube laughs, work away.
  3. avatar Corrupted O)))
    I'm with CT on this. Good cover of an amazing tune. I heard the Type O cover well before I ever heard the original. Maybe that taints my judgement, but fuck it. It's good and a floor filler as the man said.
  4. avatar zuma
    I had to tab this version when giving bass lessons :cry:
  5. avatar JTM
    If Type O Negative ever cover Breakfast in NYC by Oppenheimer, I will kill myself there and then, as no other cover will ever get any better than that.