1. avatar rentaghost
  2. avatar The enfant terrible
    How come he's famous and hasn't shagged anyone famous yet? What a waste of space.
  3. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Because he looks like


    possibly? Man, thats a terrible photo
  4. avatar Rory McConnell
    If it's true then that's fantastic. Gary co-presented the Radio 1 N.I show a few Christmases back and not only is his taste in music really diverse and extremely interesting but his loyalty to and knowledge of N.Irish music is great! I'd rather Gary using Universals money to help devleop new bands than some london industry type who wont look twice over our direction.
  5. avatar rentaghost
    flipsake Rory - its in The Sun so you [i:d4425c06dc]know[/i:d4425c06dc] it must be true!
  6. avatar T Entertainment
    In true Bizarre style, is this not really quite old news?
    I thought that had been set up yonks ago, or set in motion anyway.
  7. avatar rentaghost
    yes, well it takes a while for news like that to reach Ards you know. We have to wait for it to be delivered by Ulsterbus....along with all the garden centre equipment