1. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Anyone know where I can get custom barcodes printed up? We forgot to get them printed on our new EP packaging so a sticker on the back of the case will have to do!

    I would prefer to go local if anyone knows where we could get them printed.

  2. avatar The enfant terrible
    Wait! Don't use them

  3. avatar rentaghost
    I see someone has been rewatching his 'Thief in the Night' videos.
  4. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Bump for this???
  5. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    did you know that 666 is not the mark of the beast. It's actually 616
  6. avatar The Grace Jones
    Neither is it on barcodes, thus bringing us, uselessly, full circle.

    To get a custom barcode you'll actually have to buy one. This can be done online and it's easy enough to find lots of links via google. At a glance this looks quite handy -


    (Apparently US barcodes are fine for UK too)
  7. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    Novatech could provide you with one and then it's just a matter of getting it printed onto stickers.
  8. avatar The enfant terrible

    Check it out...
  9. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Ahhhh right! Cheers!
  10. avatar Motor Sounds Records
    Steve, go to Novetech, top blokes.

  11. avatar yurwell
    [quote:a7b907e1e9="TheJaneBradfords"]did you know that 666 is not the mark of the beast. It's actually 616[/quote:a7b907e1e9]
    correct :wink:
  12. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:fe9d0c7b21="yurwell"][quote:fe9d0c7b21="TheJaneBradfords"]did you know that 666 is not the mark of the beast. It's actually 616[/quote:fe9d0c7b21]
    correct :wink:[/quote:fe9d0c7b21]No.
    616 is a bodged revision to make it fit Caligula. As Crowley pointed out, 666 is simply the numerical rendition of the Greek phrase (I won't try and type it in Greek) 'To Mega Therion': 'The Great Beast'.

    John of Patmos was Greek and wrote Revelation in Greek. The 616 number for Caligula (or Nero) only works in Hebrew and Latin. I can't remember if there's any evidence in Revelation that John knew either language.
  13. avatar trepanner
    Does anyone remember local band 'Bleeding Rectum's awesomely titled "[i:f3e8b0a9fa]668 : The Neighbour of the Beast[/i:f3e8b0a9fa]"?
  14. avatar Cugel
    That's a Travis Shredd album!

  15. avatar trepanner
    Bleeding Rectum definitely did this first, must have been around 1990 I think - find them, alert them!
  16. avatar Captain Kennedy
    How the heck did we get from Barcodes to Bleeding Rectums???!!!! :)
  17. avatar trepanner
    Tenuously :
    Fools have considered both of the above to be the Mark of the Beast?