1. avatar Pete
    Exactly what it says on the tin, Pro Tools is now available as a recording option at Blueroom Recording.

    This is just one of several recent additions to my big stash of recording gear including a Focusrite Liquid 4Pre, Avalon and Radial DIs and coming soon a Brauner valve mic.

    The guitar pedal collection has grown again too with new stuff from Pigtronix, TC Electronics, Fulltone, Toadworks and EBS.

    I've been working with some great bands lately so there will be an update of my client list and portfolio soon.

    For further info check out the website, myspace or give me a call. Ask about the new discounted rate for midweek bookings.

    07801 290492
  2. avatar Declan
    Hi Pete,
    What do think of the Liquid 4 pre?
    I'm looking for another 4 channel mic pre and have been thinking about this.
    Is it really usable? i.e. does it give a noticeble range of sounds...and what about the qualty?
    Have you been able to A/B it against any of the pre's it emulates.

  3. avatar TalkShowMan
    Nice!! That's some purdy gear you've got yourself there, Pete. I look forward to my next trip out there, I'll bring a towel to clean up my drool after me.