1. avatar 38aboveQ
    This board was used in a seance in the infamous Amityville house. I imported it from the States a few years bk.

    Genuine Parker Bro's version of the board with planchett.

    Open to offers... Great craic fer Halloween...
  2. avatar The enfant terrible
    I'll give you a fiver for it if you throw in some furry trout
  3. avatar 38aboveQ
    Damn.. If only I hadnt sold off the trout. But times are tight.. unlike the trout
  4. avatar The enfant terrible
    If the furry trout's all gone I'll take some moon cheese.
  5. avatar The Ronster
    Here's a fun thing to do with people using a Ouija Board.

    Blindfold them, then turn the board around.

    Then watch as not a single word is 'delivered' from the spirits beyond.

    Two words for you: [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ideomotor_effect]Ideomotor Effect[/url].
  6. avatar 38aboveQ
    I wouldnt be so sure in knocking the board.. In all seriousness big hobby of mine is the paranormal, Occult, weird & wonderful. I spent years studying it & in some cases ie: UFO's travelled as far as the Groomlake base outside Rachel, Nevada.
    I still dont have the balls to toy with the board. Hence selling it...To many genuine horror stories. Lota ones believe it's the subcon controls the board.. if thats the case I'd be flucked..
  7. avatar jonnywad
    i'll buy it if it works like.

    have you contacted like, elvis, bernie mac and jill dando and shit on it? cuz i'll take it if thats the case.
  8. avatar The enfant terrible
    I heard than Johnny Borrell uses a OuiJa Board to write songs. It says it on this page under notable users.

  9. avatar rinky
    Ask Bernie Mac if he thinks I should buy this. If he says yes, name your price.
  10. avatar trepanner
    Don't be ridiculous, Elvis isn't dead.

    The real Paul McCartney [i:7c8042afc4]is[/i:7c8042afc4] dead however, and I would like to speak to him.