1. avatar lateralus
    Hi there, is anyone selling any samplers or electronic devices that are good to toy around with? Maybe something like an SP-303/Sp-404, MPC1000?

    I have a MacBook with Logic and Reason but want something more 'physical', something that would be good for live electronics. Nice.
  2. avatar JTM
    I have an Akai S2000 with the optional filter board and extra memory you could have, plus some software that converts .wav format sounds to Akai format. Drop me a PM.
  3. avatar doctorlilt
    I've a Yamaha A3000 (v2 upgrade), with 8GB HDD and 32MB RAM.
    One catch: One of the knobs is broken!

    If you fancy getting a replacement and wanna buy it off me, let me know.
  4. avatar belezabaub
    Reason imho would be ideal to play live with, especially with the right controller. I'm currently using a MPK49 with it and just find it a joy to work with. It is expressive and easy to use, I have no experience of proper samplers or stuff like that but I'd think Reason would hold up live pretty well.