1. avatar outshined
    simple question

    zavvi gigs, how can you get them?

    would appreciate a pm as opposed to a reply but any help welcome cheers
  2. avatar fastfude
    tips on posting FYI:

    a) if it's a simple question, stick it in the subject! A subject of "Simple question" is guaranteed to go unread and unanswered.

    b) this is a discussion forum, don't post a thread and ask for PM answers. Share the info with your peers.
  3. avatar tenrabbits
    It's pretty easy really - if you stick 100 hundred quid (no more, no less) in an envelope and address it to:

    T Rabbits,
    102 Odabenwe Ave,

    The gig will be yours to play in no time at all my fren. It will be my honour to do this thing for you.


    Tabadengwe Rabbits.
    Ministry of Gigs in Zavvi.
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  6. avatar T Entertainment
    I heard you just went down and set up and rattled away.
    I heard they liked it that way.