1. avatar Keely
    My first post!
    Anyone know of any good venues for bands? Got Belfast covered so far, so now we're looking for gigs all over the North. We play twisted classical/gothic cabaret, in the style of Queen and the Dresden Dolls. I'd also like to hear from bands with a similar theme we could gig with. Check us out to see if we'd go together...www.myspace.com/birdeatsbaby
    Cheers :wink:
  2. avatar Rocky
    I've had really good times at:
    Common Room in Dungannon, Dicey's in Strabane, Sandino's in Derry, Square Peg in Warrenpoint, Hague's in Lisburn, The Cellar Bar in Draperstown...

    The smaller towns are a completely different experiences to playing Belfast, Derry or Dublin, sometimes terrifying and surreal, but always entertaining and people really listen most of the time.

    We've also had similar experiences in Letterkenny, Dundalk, Mullingar, Limerick and Galway and I'd recommend getting out and playing them.
  3. avatar daveshorty
    oh oh i think i wana leap into this thread here... anyone have contacts for people who sort out gigs for those places?

  4. avatar Keely
    Thanks for the info Mr. Shorty, I'll look those places up :P
  5. avatar silvercord
    Ceili house in lurgan is always fun, weve played there a lack a times, always good atmosphere and nice crowd.
  6. avatar ciara606
    the bush in ballymoney is a good place to play (when thers a good crowd lol) search them on myspace if your interested :D