1. avatar Baronation
    So on Tuesday I was cycling down Tates Avenue towards Boucher when I noticed on the hill in front (is that Black Mountain? I have no idea) was a big letter 'M' in white, you know where the 'No Bush' thing was written? Then on Saturday I was cycling down there again and this time it was a big 'I'.

    Does anybody know what this is all about?
  2. avatar himynameissween
    ive noticed that too!! you can see them from millfield tech too. ive missed a few days but when they started the letters were:

    I - Day 1
    M - Day 2

    A - Day 4

    bit of a drawn out way to communicate....
  3. avatar Gogs
    I hope it spells out IM A DICK or something. :lol:
  4. avatar Baronation
    Ah, so it's your handy work.

    (see what I did there?)
  5. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    There was something on the nolan show about it the other day, but I missed it. i'm none the wiser

  6. avatar Steven Dedalus
    He's spelling out "Imagine" as a tribute to John Lennon (or somethiing).

    He'll be on Nolan tomorrow mornign to explain himself.

    If that's possible.
  7. avatar Chi-Lite
  8. avatar vapourtrail
    It was G on Friday afternoon.
  9. avatar The enfant terrible
    [quote:70256e942f="Steven Dedalus"]He's spelling out "Imagine" as a tribute to John Lennon (or somethiing).

    He'll be on Nolan tomorrow mornign to explain himself.

    If that's possible.[/quote:70256e942f]

    Oh dear, that's a bit gay.
  10. avatar unplugged
    these are literally above my house on the mountain as i live in ballygomartin area. i often wondered what these are. i know the 'quaker house'as its known is only a few hundred yards from the location of the letters. wonder if they are to do with it, but cant imagine that.

    really i am clueless to what they are. id like to know but.
    all i know is its a cunt to get freeview because of said mountain lol something big white letters wont help
  11. avatar Sinnerb0y
    I can also confirm there was a "G" on friday... Interesting... 8)
  12. avatar fastfude
    [quote:2ff8daceb4="The enfant terrible"]Oh dear, that's a bit gay.[/quote:2ff8daceb4]Iris.
  13. avatar sazchops
    the writing's been there for months! when george bush came over there was some obligitory anti-bush message on it (can't remember what it was though), but apart from that it's always just one letter at a time.

    we tried to drive up to it once in the summer, but ended up getting incredibly lost so we've just looked at it from afar!
  14. avatar Chi-Lite
    Nah, it only started the other week.
  15. avatar The enfant terrible
    [quote:2bcf6f987d="fastfude"][quote:2bcf6f987d="The enfant terrible"]Oh dear, that's a bit gay.[/quote:2bcf6f987d]Iris.[/quote:2bcf6f987d]

    Sorry, I should have said. Oh dear, that's a bit of an abomination.
  16. avatar ayatollah
    On Saturday morning I was sure it was a V.
  17. avatar Strong Reaction
    There was writing up there last year also but I could never make it out.
  18. avatar Chi-Lite
  19. avatar JTM
    Didn't see one yesterday but today's was an A. What does that make it so far?
  20. avatar pauldoherty
    maybe he is spelling out.... THEY ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS ON FASTFUDE :lol: :lol: :lol:
  21. avatar fastfude
    I wonder if he spelled ot some swearwords one letter at a time, would it count as some kind of public disorder offence?
  22. avatar pauldoherty
    :lol: :lol:
  23. avatar the_doctor199
    When Bush came over here a while ago wasnt there something up there as well?!
  24. avatar Chi-Lite
    Flip me, are people just moseying on and commenting on this without reading it?

    Yes. Yes there was. There was loads of other stuff there as well. Look.
  25. avatar JTM
    So far reading through the thread we have IMAGAVA
    If the V was meant to be a Y:

    IM A GAY A

    JTM is now taking bets on the next two letters being S's. Odds start at 3-1 on, roll up!
  26. avatar nonlogic liam
    Which in turn is a tad gay... etc
  27. avatar The enfant terrible
    I've been told he was spelling out "imagine a city of equals".
  28. avatar JTM
    it's a C today.
  29. avatar tinpot anto
    [quote:440bb90831]imagine a city of equals[/quote:440bb90831]


    -Free Dessie Ellis
    -*badly drawn cock 'n balls*

    Are all one's I remember.
  30. avatar JTM
    [quote:9822d2de5c="tinpot anto"][quote:9822d2de5c]imagine a city of equals[/quote:9822d2de5c]

    -*badly drawn cock 'n balls*

    I didn't know Damon Gough had been to Lisburn?
  31. avatar JTM
    Yeah it's an 'I' today.

    getting really sick of these letters now
  32. avatar Baronation
    And now it's an F.

    Does anybody care anymore?
  33. avatar The enfant terrible
    It was an O yesterday. If you look earlier in the thread it's spelling out what I said it was.
  34. avatar Baronation
    And it's an equals sign today.

    I see what he/she did there.
  35. avatar JTM
    "Fair Play" to them for going up there in this weather lol