1. avatar oxjambelfast
    [size=16:b465006d27][b:b465006d27]LIVE AT THE BELFAST EMPIRE[/b:b465006d27][/size:b465006d27]
    12th of October

    Jacksons Cage + The Lowly Knights + The Rusty Shacklefords + Eskimos Fall + Rachel Austin + Ursula Burns



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  2. avatar rigsyATL
    is there stage times for this, or even what time first band is on?
  3. avatar oxjambelfast
    Sorry Rigsy,

    Oxjambelfast, at least one quarter of it who logs in here regularly, was off seeing his new nephew yesterday.

    So apologies for not getting the stage times posted...

    Oxjambelfast didn't see you though, strangley we did have a David Healy for about twenty minutes.

    To anyone who was down though, and stayed, big thank you, that was bloody spectacular and we raised a wad of cash!
  4. avatar Sian
    ah rubbish, sorry rigsy. i never remember to log into here.
    thanks to everyone who supported it! unbelievable turnout for a sunday. and i was blown away by both the Lowly Knights and Jackson Cage and the Rustys (or part thereof) were great too. Great craic all round.
  5. avatar Recycled Alien
    A few photos on line at [url]http://www.annaghvarn.plus.com/GigPix/Oxjam-Empire/[/url]