1. avatar 38aboveQ
    Model from the late 60's early 70's (I believe)

    In good condition apart from a dent about 2cm long that shows the natural wood on the main body

    Any interest to anyone b4 I FeeBay it..


    pic as promised...
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  2. avatar machinehead
    I might well be interested in this being a fan of 60s and 70s guitars.

    Can you post more information and maybe some pics?
  3. avatar 38aboveQ
    I'll get a pick lashed up a little later this evening..


  4. avatar anty
  5. avatar 38aboveQ
    As many as possible.. :P

    Na.. what ever she is worth... Not big into guitars so bar having a wee keek on Feebay i've no idea of value. More into the keyboards myself..


    Just noticed it's missing the plastic from one of the tuners.. just incase ye missed it.
  6. avatar machinehead
    Thanks for posting the pics but it's not the model I was thinking of.
    Good luck with the sale anyway.
  7. avatar 38aboveQ
    No worries...


  8. avatar 38aboveQ
    Now lashed onto Feebay..

    0.99p start.


    Wee cheapy bargain...