1. avatar fastfooderbelfast
    Im a guitarist of 20 forming a band in belfast area. I live in north belfast. I have own gear, experience with gigging, recording and have my own transport. Looking to start something a little different.

    Influences are Jamiroquai, Eagles, Chilli's, U2, Oasis and everything else thats knockin about these days.

    Ive a few people interested but just me at the min. I'm thinking along the lines of rock n roll funk - Jamiroquai meets The stones.

    Let me know if your interested.

  2. avatar Gurillian
    Jamiroquai meets the stones sounds interesting :-)

    I'm 25, m, singer. I play guitar but i'm crap. Would rather focus on vocals.

    Get in touch :-D
  3. avatar anty
    I play guitar or bass and im not the best at either but love trying to form new bands
  4. avatar manversusjim
    Have a wee PM to yerself there
  5. avatar adamkeith
    My first post!
    singer looking to join serious band. would like to chat with ya about your ideas.
  6. avatar fastfooderbelfast
    Ive now got the mp3 samples to send out if your interested but arent quite sure if its your thing.

    PM me