1. avatar basileh
    I have a demo by this band came in a cardboard pack with brown wrappin paper and ego stamped on it.
    There was no tracklist. Does anyone know of it and the tracklist if possible?

  2. avatar Crackity_jones
    I believe Ryan from the band posts here as ryanego. Maybe send him a PM?
  3. avatar danjcorbett
    Sadly suffered the same fate as kenan and kel.

  4. avatar ryanego
    One time Dan J Corbett tried to jump from a stage riser onto the floor while playing bass and fell on his ass. Everyone laughed at him for being a cock.


    We broke up about 2 years ago now, the CD in question was called "71011".

    If memory serves the track list goes:

    1. Sun
    2. Redline
    3. Blue Lights
    4. Starts, Middles, Ends.

    That might be wrong, but you should be able to tell from the lyrics.

    You can hear more unreleased stuff on our myspace if you're interested at http://www.myspace.com/egorock

    Pete the drummer now plays in MojoFURY and I do a bit of production/engineering.

    Pete and I are currently working on a new project, radically different, but fun :)
  5. avatar danjcorbett
    No one laughed and I meant to fall. It was rock, like the white cliffs of dover.

    And ego were ggaaaaaaayyyyyyyy.