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    Thanks for the replies! I only wanted it for a practice amp as it would be handy for me just to leave it in the place where we practice and save me lugging my main amp about every week.

    I was not expecting great things from it, but thought for the price it would serve that purpose.
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    i work in a music shop and i sell the stagg stuff.
    id recommend buying the stagg acoustic 60w amp for an electic.. its a slightly clearer clean sound with a slightly better EQ. nice spring reverb too. then add a behringer overdrive pedal, which isnt unbelievable, but better than the stagg distortion channel. sounds pretty good for kicking about the house
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    better still, buy second hand gear from this site.

    Stagg stuff is not bad at all.
    Their DH cymbals are good - quite bright , but pretty good.
    Their stands and lead are well made, and some of their top end guitars are actually very nice indeed for the money.

    For the money, I would go for it given what you intend to use it for.
    Might be an idea to try before you buy though.
    I got a 30watt practice amp from ebay, band new for 16 quid in an auction..kid you not.
    Grand wee thing, and much nicer sound than some.
    Usual chines emade stuff, but for 16 quid, I stole it.

    Good second hand gear for live work is the way to go if you are on a budget.
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    some of them are, hence why Gibson sued them.
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    Well, no. Gibson sued them because the headstock shape was too close to Gibson's own. The relative merits of the guitar were neither here nor there.
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    The early Tokai`s were a far better guitar than gibsons of the same vintage.

    One plus point of Tokai reminding Gibson of how it should be done , is they were forced to improve their workmanship.
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    He has a point about the Tokai's - but they don't cost about 700 quid for a reason, not 69.

    If you want a practice amp for that price there's an epiphone valve amp for 80 odd quid, won't set the world alight but gets the job done and will sound much better than the stagg.
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    agree re the valve amp - thomann do an own brand 5 watt valve amp for about 50 quid .
    A 5 watt valve amp will blow your head off and given you will be driving it hard, give nice tube distortion.
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    [quote:6504912ed3="Sadoldgit"]agree re the valve amp - thomann do an own brand 5 watt valve amp for about 50 quid .
    A 5 watt valve amp will blow your head off and given you will be driving it hard, give nice tube distortion.[/quote:6504912ed3]It has been reported that the Thomann and the Epiphone are the same amp internally.
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    Here, Kozzmonaut - what is with you and the endless rotation of Tokais? Just curious.. sometimes it seems like you buy and sell 3 Tokais every week. What are you [i:95a137d0df]building [/i:95a137d0df]in there?
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    the guitar ark.

    Nah, two Korean ones came by me at the right price from a legit guitar dealer and i took them, set them up to perfection, improved the frets and just modded them up with new pickups and sold them on for a tidy profit. the buyers are more than happy with them i shall add.

    i own one japanese Tokai les paul and its the best les paul i have ever played. again a personal opinion in case i come under fire for expressing it. :-D :-D

    Again ill add not 3 tokais a week. youll find i sold just 2, which were both listed together recently.
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    you sold me a dodgey tokai last year, mr unplugged
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    I do know that the TA professional series PA amps are exactly the same amp inside as expensive Crown PA amps, so, there might be more to the statement than you think.
    Much of the innards of this gear is built by a few chinese factories, and you find the best stuff is bunged in different casings and sold under different names.
    I`ve taken the lid off the TA amp and had a look in.
    They are built like a tank, and Thomann back their gear with a 3 year warranty.

    As to gear snobbery...lets face it, that`s what we are on about.
    I still wish I had kept my old HH valvesound 100w combo from my teens, as it was the best sounding solid state amp I`ve ever hears, and sounded better than many all tube amps I`ve heard over the years.

    You need to spend a lot to get quality that is terrifically better than the midrange these days.
    Look at what you can get Peavey gear for [the valve stuff].
    Decent midrange kit is well priced these days, and even budget brands are upto the job, unlike even 20 years ago when cheap stuff was utter kak.
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    I'd recommend the vox valetronix advt series. Bought the 30w version about a year ago as a practice amp as my gigging amp lives elsewhere, its seen minimal use as ive mainly been recording di'd guitars, but as a versatile practice amp it really does perform. The clean tones are lovely and its plenty loud. retail around 130.
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    You know, I'd have to know a person to trust their advice on these things anyway. You need to have a feel for what someone thinks is good in general before their opinion on any kind of gear is useful.

    People will tell you something is good and other will say it's shit, but it's all a waste of words when the only important opinion is your own - go play through the amp, play through other amps you can afford. Do this in all the shops you have access to. Go to YouTube, type in model numbers (not the ultimate test of an amp's sound, but some people properly mic the amp to give demonstrations which might give you a particular insight into what it sounds like or which options are available if you're buying online).

    Lame, but still, true.
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