1. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    does any one have a rat they no longer want.id be interested in it.

    pm or reply below
  2. avatar daveshorty
    saz has a rat.
    sometimes she doesn't want it.
  3. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    poor rat having a saz.
  4. avatar daveshorty
    in fact no! no! she has two!
  5. avatar daveshorty
    but, again, i'm pretty sure she wants them
  6. avatar Strong Reaction
    I saw one by the river the other day.
  7. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    yet again another thread desends into madness.
  8. avatar daveshorty
    maybe you'd be interested in a mad rat?
  9. avatar billyfyffe
    right.. get your rat out.
  10. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson

    only all singing all dancing rats like this one.
  11. avatar AngelaMOK
  12. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    hes tops and thats that.
  13. avatar Strong Reaction
    Could I interest you in a domestic ferret?
  14. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    no other member of the rodent family will do except unless you can maybe tell me where to find this guy

  15. avatar daveshorty
    sometimes ruddiger wants to kill us and run away to find a new home... maybe you could chat to him. not sure how to track him down but there's a few pics of him here:

  16. avatar daveshorty
    funny the way that link didn't work
  17. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    funny like your face.BURN!!!
  18. avatar daveshorty
    You know...you're going to die one day, Thedevilsfavouriteson.
  19. avatar Strong Reaction
    That's a mouse in that picture.
  20. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    everyone is gonna die one day...is my day gonna be the 11th november in the pavillion?during such great rock and roll bands as comply or die,snitch and the hellfire club?

    shameless plug.
  21. avatar Strong Reaction
    That show has been taken over by rats. I no longer have the details.
  22. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson

    the rat king is in charge now..i hear this is whos doing the door..

    its funny cauz theyre rats.HaHA!!
  23. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    ive just realised what a pathetic disguise the rat king has.it looks as if hes a huge coke head whos nose has gave in and fell of and so has to cover it with part of a green tea towel.they just dont make em like that anymore.
  24. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    also between ians last post and mine its almost exactly 12 hours.WooooOOoOooOOoOooOooo
  25. avatar daveshorty
  26. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
    Here's to yous' doity rates fer havin us on the bill. In a nod to the theme we'll all be sporting Billy Wright sympathy haircuts... NAT.
    Here, I've a Turbo RAT and it's f*cking killer but I wanna get that crappy digitech death metal pedal an overclock the transistors, so if anyone can do that :)

    Oh aye an incase there's any confusion NAT is just a phonetic 'not' in caps as in a metallic bl'fast accent.
  27. avatar daveshorty
    oh i just realised you're looking for a guitar pedal and not an actual rat!
    fuckin hell, i really know pish all about guitars.
  28. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    do you not play guitar in your band shorty?
    why did you think it was called a proco rat?professinal company rat??in which case



    the complete terror on the childs face


    santa rat.poor thing.

  29. avatar daveshorty
    i do. all i know is i arrive with my guitar, put a bit of string in it and put the other end of the string into my noise box and then play. i dunno... proco...sounds like a breed or some shit.
  30. avatar Strong Reaction
    That child is terrified as she has discovered that Shorty is in fact heterosexual.

    More pictures of rats dressed as things they are not please.

    Rat kings are phenomena said to arise when a number of rats become intertwined at their tails, which become stuck together with blood, dirt, and excrement. The animals reputedly grow together while joined at the tails. The phenomenon is particularly associated with Germany, where the majority of instances have been reported.

    Most authors presume the creatures are legendary and that all supposed physical evidence is hoaxed, such as mummified groups of dead rats with their tails tied together. Reports of living specimens remain unsubstantiated. No known scientific study has been performed on this topic.
  31. avatar Cugel
  32. avatar Strong Reaction
  33. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson

    here is the 'rat king' as mentioned by pearce.its a sex thing,probably.

    here is a disabled and presumably dead rat.aint no stem cells saving him.

    civilised rat on the throne.reading the daily sport.

    shorty talking to sazs rat


    that coke fiend the rat king

    this one is of ian.

    glynns rendition of the rat king.


    rats and men,yesterday


    and RATIGAN!!!


    if you dress up as a rat and bring the rat pedal to me in a rat mobile then and only then would i pay the extorionate amount of one hundred pounds for a proco rat.

  34. avatar Cugel
    if you dress up as a rat and bring the rat pedal to me in a rat mobile then and only then would i pay the extorionate amount of one hundred pounds for a proco rat.


    Dude, the point was, Bairds sell the things. If you can't be bothered going and buying one, then I don't know. I think it is quite unlikely that you will find one on here second hand - people don't tend to sell them that often.
  35. avatar thesacredhearts
    I got a you dirty rat offa here for 40 quid a few weeks back.

    Had previously bought one off here that was dud but the fella was good about it and refunded it.

    They are great though. Perfect for bass and guitar.
  36. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    yeah a few months back it seemed like there was a new one up every week so i must be hitting the drought period for them again.

    again anyone whos got but doesnt want ill give it a good home a wheel to run in and a cage bigger than my house.
  37. avatar exportsimsie
    I hate this thread.
  38. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    not as much as it hates you.
  39. avatar Strong Reaction
    Weil's disease is an infection carried in rats urine which contaminates water and banks of lakes, ponds and rivers. The disease which is notifiable is serious and requires hospital treatment. Symptoms start 3 to 19 days after exposure to contaminated water. Early symptoms are similar to 'Flu'. So go see a doctor and say you have been near contaminated water that may have weils disease and ask the doctor for a blood test to be carried out
    A few sensible precautions

    DO cover with waterproof plasters or gloves all scratches, cuts, sores and breaks in the skin. Disinfect any wounds as soon as possible if they occur whilst at the waterside.

    ALWAYS wash your hands or cover food with a wrapper before you eat.

    NEVER put your hand to your mouth after immersion in river water and never place bait or fishing line in the mouth.

    DON'T touch any dead animal especially rats.

    NEVER leave food, groundbait or bait on the bankside.

    Remember, never put your fishing line in your mouth....
  40. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    or just dont be a retard.
  41. avatar tinpot anto
    I firmly believe that tax-payers money would be well spent in a "Don't be a fucking moron!" ad campaign, featuring stock footage from most of those "Accident Claims Direct Hotline" ads.

    The next stage would be a "Don't be a Wanker" campaign to just try and persuade people to stop being such awful wankers. I would hire Jeremy Kyle to do the ads, but have him killed in a dickhead accident involving a ladder balanced on 3 empty paint tins.
  42. avatar Strong Reaction
    Would this advert also feature Frank 'Man Beast' Carson dressed as a pantomime rat and warning on rat-related misadventures?
  43. avatar tinpot anto
    I would use footage of the Carson-Rat juxtaposed with images of Iris Robinson licking her lips, and a picture of an Ulster Fry.

    The Caption would read.

    "WISE UP
    -In the name of Fuck"

    (Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol as soundtrack)
  44. avatar Strong Reaction
    I like it. Though the slogan chanted along to 'Stop, In The Name Of Love' would also be good. In a sickening Nordie accent of course.
  45. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
    I see they don't give a sh*t about fish getting Weil's disease.

    'NEVER leave bait on the bankside. Remember, never put your fishing line in your mouth.'
  46. avatar Strong Reaction
    I think 'bait' means 'penis'.