1. avatar belfastblues+roots
    My first post!
    We are a three-piece (largely) acoustic trio playing exactly what the name suggests. Dylan, Leadbelly, The Band, Paul Butterfield, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Bob Forrest etc. We're looking to start off by supporting some established blues acts in the area. If this is you, or you're generally interested, get in touch and we'll sort something out. Take her easy!

  2. avatar The Old New
    Can't wait to hear some stuff from you guys! Nothing better than some blues.
  3. avatar rentaghost
    Hi guys. Common Grounds is going to be booking soon for November and December, and from your description you are exactly the type of thing we are looking for. I'll be in touch.
  4. avatar belfastblues+roots
    that'd be great karen, hopefully hear from you soon
  5. avatar Ciarz
    whay not come down to our Blues jam in Bangor and you guys can get up and do 3 or 4 songs. We have all sorts of influencial people from all over the country. You never know who might be there and offer you something.


    or email me at