1. avatar niproductionservices
    Thanks to all who applied for Lee Evans and Oasis crew work. We will have a new interactive website up and running pretty soon but until then its a forst come first served basis so sorry to all of you who didnt get a place this time. Loads more gigs coming up.
    Please only apply for work if can actually turn up and work. I have to constantly make changes for people who apply without first checking of they are free.
    You will need to wear proper work boots, preferably steel toe capped, jean and a pair of work gloves.
    I carry a supply of spare new boots and I will deduct the cost of a pair from your pay. Sizes 6,7,8,9,10 and 11.
    Also riggers gloves and again if you foregt yours, you will have to buy mine.
    Summer frocks, high heels, trainers, shoes, are not acceptable.
    We pay by cheque so you will need a bank account.
    I will email everyone on the list 2 weeks before each concert so regularly check your email.
    I need your proper email address, national insurance number and home address.
    If you give any false or the wrong details, you will not get paid.
    Thanks again for all who have worked recently.

    NiProduction Services
  2. avatar Rock Danger
    Summer frocks, high heels, are not acceptable.[/quote:55c725c79b]

    A sad day indeed for Ku Klux Knievel.
  3. avatar spider_jerusalem
    Alan or Turlough.. whoever posted this..you should really spell-check before you post :-D

    And everyday is a sad day for Ku Klux Knievel; except when he's screaming at lots of newbie's who think he's important.. but we all know the truth :wink: