1. avatar donkeymagician
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  2. avatar gary
    ill take these mate. I actually only need 2 but ill take the set. Whats your v best price? Just thinkin need to pay someone to wire them up as well..
    txt me if want 07973 670683 ps you reckon these fit mex strat ok?
  3. avatar unplugged
    pay someone?

    a first year at school could wire these in!

    its two wires. the ground goes to the back of the pot and the hot wire goes to where the old pickup goes on the switch. its literally 2 solder tags.

    pish easy. and yes they will fit any fender made strat guitar.

    the measily price he is looking is very low, if i werent using my irish Tour bareknuckles id take these.
  4. avatar donkeymagician
    texted ya :-D
  5. avatar donkeymagician